October 24, 2015

Parents, please visit the Art room. A Giving Tree will be posted on the door. On the Giving Tree are items we could use for our Art Program. Please consider donating a few items. Thank you in advance!
photo 4
Here a a few photos of first graders hard at work on their Color Wheel Flower.
photo 2

photo 1(1)

Here are completed color wheels from the 4th graders. Next week they will sketch an “eye” and will incorporate the color wheel onto their project.
photo 3

The students will be finishing their art projects in the next 2 week. Photos of work will be added to the blog. You can also stop by and visit in person.
Thank you to the families who have donated items already.

First week of art classes

The first week of art went smoothly.  The students were very excited to be in Art class.  It was great to finally meet the students. Here are the art lessons each of the grade levels started.

The kindergartners, Mrs. Torres’ class, and Mrs. Gersten’s class started their color wheel monster.  They painted the primary colors on a color wheel.  Next week they will mix the primary colors to create secondary colors.

First graders and Mrs. Simmon’s class started their color wheel flower by drawing a flower with 6 large petals.  Next week they will paint the primary colors and will begin blending colors to create secondary colors.

2nd grade also created a color wheel flower but used the technique of crayon rubbing.  They experimented with different items with various textures (sand paper, stencils, coins, leaves, ribbons, stickers, etc.)

The 4th graders had a substitute and the 3rd grade rotations were interrupted with the Great California Shake out, so the planned art lessons will start next week.  Instead they created  a fun name project involving the Art Element of lines.  They got really creative with this project. Next week they will be painting primary and secondary colors on a color wheel.  Their project is to create a color wheel eye.

The 5th and 6th graders did an awesome job creating color gradients by blending colors to create new colors.  Next week they will practice the skill of shading (taking a base color and slowly adding black) and tinting (taking a base color and slowly adding white).  They will start their monochromatic tree project.

The art projects will typically take 2-4 weeks to complete.  Thank you to the families who donated paper plates and baby wipes.  We are still in need of these 2 items.


Art is here at Wolf Canyon!

Hi!  I’m Mrs. Adamos the new Art teacher at Wolf Canyon.  I am very excited to be here and to start wonderful art lessons.  Art lessons will be aligned with the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards, and the National Arts Standards. Common Core Standards will also be incorporated into the lessons.  For the first few weeks, the students will be learning about color basics (color wheel, primary colors, secondary colors, complimentary colors, warm & cool colors, shading, tinting, etc.)  Each month we will have an Artist focus.  This month the artist is Ellsworth Kelly.

I will be posting excellent art pieces on the blog, the artist of the month, upcoming events, art contests, and art donations.

Here is the art donation wish list: newspapers, kid magazines, large paper plates (no styrofoam or plastic), paper towels, and unscented baby wipes. You can bring these donations to room 502.  The donation box will be placed before and after school in front of the classroom. Thank you in advance for your donation(s).

Art Schedule

Monday: 6th grade and  SDC classes

Tuesday: 4th grade and 2nd grade

Wednesday: 5th grade and some of 1st grade

Thursday: 3rd grade and some of 1st grade

Friday: Kindergarten