Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday.  I know the students enjoyed a week off.

Here are the current art projects for each grade level:

Kindergarten: Most of the kinder classes missed out on art because their Stone Soup presentation. It was self portrait day for the students who had art.

First grade:  The students had a “catch-up” day working on their Piet Mondrian animals and name art (for their art portfolio covers).

Second grade:  Second grade was busy making a beautiful symmetrical snowflake using everyday objects dipped in white paint (screws, bottle caps, tooth picks, popscicle sticks, etc.)  The snowflakes will be displayed on the stage for the Winter Sing-a-Long.  Pictures will be posted next week.

Third Grade:  The 3rd graders made a cityscape using markers.  Once the cityscape is complete, the students will spray the bottom half of their paper with water and fold the paper over.  This gives the illusion that the city is sitting near the water water.

Fourth grade:  The Zantangle pumpkins are coming along.  The students should be finished this week.


Fifth grade:  The students learned how to create a one point perspective art piece using their name.  We studied Renaissance artist, Raphael and looked at his use of one point perspective to create his masterpieces.


Sixth grade:  This is the second session of the 3D art project.

It’s beginning to look like Fall in the Art Room

Thank you parents and students for donating empty granola boxes, old CDs, and yarn.  But, we still need more.  🙂

Here are the art projects we worked on this week.

Kindergarten, Mrs. Gersten, and Mrs. Torres’ class:  These students completed beautiful fall trees.  The students also learned about the work of Vincent Van Gogh and his masterpiece, The Autumn Landscape.  For our art project, we used foil, oil pastels, and tempera paint. The foil gave the trees texture. autumn-landscape

IMG_0512 IMG_0515IMG_0524 IMG_0523

First grade:  The 1st graders continued working on their Piet Mondrian animals.  Some pieces are already complete. IMG_0525

Second grade:  The pumpkins are ready!  Check out these awesome pumpkins.   IMG_0527IMG_0519

Fourth grade:  If you have never heard of Zantangles, ask a fourth grader.  The 4th graders learned about the art of Pablo Picasso. We examined Picasso’s art piece Guernica 350px-PicassoGuernica We looked at his use of value.  The students drew Zantangle designs on a pumpkin drawing using light, medium, and dark values. IMG_0518 They will have 2 more weeks to complete their art.


Fifth Grade and Ms. Simmon’s class:  The fifth graders enjoyed a wonderful day off.  Happy Veteran’s Day!

Sixth grade:  The 6th graders are working on an exciting 3D one-perspective art piece. We examined the one perspective artwork of Raphael and the Renaissance era.  The students created a three dimensional geometric drawing starting off with a “vanishing point”.

November 9, 2015

This week many grade levels finished up their art projects and a few others started new projects. Here is what we did in art this week:

Kindergarten: Kindergarteners learned about the artist Piet Mondrian. The students used strips of paper to create only vertical and horizontal lines. They cut out rectangles and squares out of construction paper. We talked about Mondrian’s use of primary colors in his art pieces. IMG_0494

Mrs. Gersten’s class and Mrs. Torres’ class: The students also learned about Piet Mondrian. They created a similiar project as the kindergartener’s but used markers instead of construction paper.


1st grade: First graders also learned about the work of Piet Mondrian. They created animal silhouettes with a Mondrian inspired design. IMG_0492



2nd grade: We learned about the life and work of Pablo Picasso. The students drew pumpkins using oil pastels. We focused on using value and form to create pumpkins that appear three dimensional. The students had a great time getting their “smudging” finger dirty to blend colors. IMG_0483



3rd grade: The 3rd graders used charcoal pencils to create a sketch of an eye. We looked at M.C. Escher’s art titled, The Eye IMG_0480


4th grade: The 4th graders completed their eye projects. Their projects are displayed on our art room windows. Come by and check them out.

5th grade and 6th grade: The 5th and 6th graders finished their trees! They are absolutely beautiful. The students read an article about Wassily Kandinsky. We learned that shapes and colors can have meaning and it can create an overall mood. The students also reflected on their art pieces. They shared their shape and color choices as well as what they liked most and what they would change.IMG_0471











Don’t throw away those old scratched up CDs or empty granola bar boxes (or similar sized boxes. We will be creating projects using these items. We are also in need of yarn.
Thank you for helping out with these art donations.

November 2, 2015

I am so excited to see the art projects coming along.

Kindergarten, Mrs. Gersten’s class, and Mrs. Torres’ class: These classes completed their color wheel monsters. The monsters are scary and so unique! The students used the color wheel they created and made it into a monster. We used the story Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak as inspiration for creating monsters.

First grade and Mrs. Simmon’s class: The painted color wheel flowers turned out beautiful.

Second grade: The second graders completed their textured color wheel flowers by matting it onto black paper, making reflections about their art, and giving their masterpiece a title. (Pictures will be posted soon)

Third grade: The 3rd graders will continue their color wheel eye next week. This week they continued working on their name art. The name art project will be used as a cover for their art portfolio.

Fourth grade: The students learned about the work of M.C.Escher. The students read a biography and we looked at his masterpiece, The Eye (1946). We discussed his use of shading and lines to create a 3D illusion. The media the students used were charcoal pencils. IMG_0375


Fifth and Sixth grade: This week the students added a tree to their monochromatic background. They used black and brown tempera paint to create their abstract tree. Next week the students will add leaves using oil pastels. IMG_0370



Art wish list:
colored tissue paper (red, yellow, orange, pink, green, purple, blue)
Thank you for your donations!
Please visit the art room and check out our beautiful art gallery.