December 14, 2015

We have been creating some beautiful winter themed art projects!  It’s beginning to look a lot like winter in the Art Room.

Kindergarten:  The kinder students continued working on their tear art snowman.

Ms. Torres’ and Ms. Gersten’s class:  The students used various lines, shapes, and patterns to create a name art.  This project will be the cover for their art portfolio.

Ms. Simmons’ class:  Mrs. Simmons’ class continued designing their city scape.  Next week they will spray the bottom half of their picture to create the illusion that their city is sitting on the water.  IMG_0687

First Grade:  The first graders continued working on their polar bears.  The students added texture to the polar bear’s fur using oil pastels. Next week they will add the background.

Second Grade: The students continued their warm and cool drawings.  Next week they will be adding watercolors to their pictures.  They are so excited to use this media.

Check out the second grade snowflakes in the auditorium! IMG_0698

Third Grade:  This week the 3rd graders got to spray their completed city scapes with water!  Check out the reflections made by the water.

Fourth Grade:  The students created an art piece using positive and negative space, and symmetry.  We looked at the work of various artists such as MC Escher, Tang Yau Hoong, Edgar Rubin, etc.  Here are a few art pieces we looked at:

The 4th graders created symmetrical designs with small construction paper squares.

Fifth grade:  Many of the students completed their name art project.  This art piece is the cover for the 5th grade art portfolio.

The students who finished their name art, started a worm’s eye view winter drawing.  It will be painted in water color next week.

Sixth Grade:  The 3D art projects are coming along.  They should be complete next week!


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December 7, 2015

Here’s what we did in art last week:

Kindergarten:  Kindergarten students created a self-portrait.

Ms. Gersten and Ms. Torres’ class:  The students completed their tear art snowman.


First grade:  Some of the first grade classes create a polar bear using oil pastels.  They added texture to the polar bear’s fur using the white oil pastels over black construction paper and used their finger to smudge.  They also created a shadow with black oil pastel.  The students were introduced to the work of Albrecht Durer, a renaissance artist who drew amazing animals.

Science standards were also tied into the art lesson.  The students learned about how polar bears are able to adapt in their habitat.

Second grade : The 2nd graders learned about a local San Diego artist, Gloria Muriel.  gloria-muriel

She painted an amazing mural in Barrio Logan.  Here is the link to the video on You Tube. We discussed her use of warm and cool colors to create mood in her art pieces.  The students created a drawing using warm and cool colors expressively.  The media the students used are markers, crayons, and watercolors (watercolors will be done next week).

Third Grade and Ms. Simmon’s class:  The students continued drawing their cityscape.

Fourth grade: The fourth graders completed their beautiful Zantangle pumpkins.


Fifth grade:  The students continued working on their 3D name art.

Sixth grade:  Many of the 6th graders completed coloring and cutting their 3D shape art.  Next week they will start the mod podge of their box.