Week of January 25th

Parents and students,

Bring in your old shoe boxes.  We are going to use the shoe boxes as props for the 2nd grade musical.  We are also in need of baby wipes.  Thank you in advance for your donations!

Here are the exciting things going on!

Kindergarten: The students continued working on their owl sculptures.  This week they painted their work using brown tempera paint.

Mrs. Gersten’s and Mrs. Torres’ class: These classes created a crazy hair drawing based on the text, Crazy Hair (which first grade also did last week).

First Grade: The first graders were busy creating a paper weaving project for a large American Flag.  The flag will be composed of 6X6 squares designed by all of first grade.  The American Flag will become a part of the 2nd grade musical set. IMG_1015

Second Grade: Each 2nd grade class has a different project based on the country they are working on for the musical.  The classes are either making masks or head pieces.

Mr. Inocencio (South Africa):  Tribal Masks

Mrs. Hernandez (Austrailia): Koala Masks IMG_1007

Mrs. Huffman: (China and Japan): Dragon Masks

Mrs. Davis (Jamaica): Fruit basket head pieces

Mrs. Jackson (Egypt):  Gold necklaces

Third Grade: Let the paper mache madness begin!  The students added green paper and liquid starch to the newspaper mango molds they made last week.


Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade:  Both grade levels worked on the Egyptian Mural.  It is great seeing the students work together for one purpose.


Sixth Grade and Ms. Simmon’s class:  The students also worked in collaborative groups creating African animals.  The media used was paper mache, yarn, and glue.

Here are a few art projects from Ms. Simmons’ class from last week.


Check out the art work displayed in the office (6th grade and 3rd grade):

Thank you to our fabulous parent helper, Mrs. Carreon, for putting the bulletin board together. IMG_1027

The cherry blossom tree is complete and ready for the musical.


Week of January 18th-22nd

The 2nd week of the third quarter was very productive.  The props for the 2nd grade musical are starting to come together.

Kindergarten:  The kindergartners made a tree habitat for their owl sculpture.  They took a brown paper bag an twisted it to resemble a fall tree.  Some of the kinder classes helped create a Coolabah tree (an Australian Eucalyptus Tree)  for the 2nd grade musical.

First Grade:  The first grade team is in charge of creating the Coolabah tree (which the kindergartners also helped out with).  The students added brown squares to the trunk (made out of cardboard) using a glue solution (glue and water).  They also added leaves using a pencil, green squares, and white glue. They did an awesome job working together.

Second Grade: Each second grade class will be representing a different country for the musical.  Here are the projects each class started this week:

Mrs. Jackson:  Egypt- Gold Egyptian necklaces (materials:  paper plate and gold paint)

Mrs. Hernandez: Australia- Koala masks (materials: liquid starch for paper mache noses, paper plates, grey paint, fur, and yarn)

Mrs. Huffman: China and Japan- Dragon masks (materials:  paper plates, popsicle sticks, dragon template, colored pencils, and construction paper)

Mrs. Davis: Jamaica- Fruit basket head pieces (basket materials:  strips of brown paper for weaving)

Mr. Inocencio: South Africa- Tribal Masks (materials:  paper plates, brown paint, white paint, beads, pipe cleaners, and yarn)

Pictures will be posted next week!

Third Grade: This week the third graders assembled the leaves they created last week.  They also used newspaper and masking tape to create a paper mache mango.  They will begin starching next week.  IMG_0973

Fourth Grade: The 4th graders are working on an EXCITING project!!! They are working on a tear art mural of an ancient Egyptian pyramid scene.  It will probably take 2 more art sessions to complete.

Fifth Grade: This week the 5th graders continued making origami cherry blossom flowers.  They also learned how to make origami leaves.  There were also designated students working on attaching the flowers to the tree.

Sixth grade, Mrs. Torres’ class, and Mrs. Gersten’s class did not meet this week.

Ms. Simmon’s class:  The students completed their Keith Haring inspired art.  Pictures will be posted soon.  The finished products were fabulous!

Let the 3rd quarter “creative-ness” begin…

Welcome back everyone!  This quarter most of the grade levels will be working collaboratively on set designs for the 2nd grade musical.  The theme of the musical is, countries around the world.  Here is what each grade worked on this week.

Kindergarten:  The kindergartners read a non-fiction book about owls.  We learned about the different body parts of an owl and how it uses these body parts to survive.  The kindergartners used Model Magic Clay to create owl sculptures.

First Grade: In Art class we read the story, Crazy Hair Day.51e2kJBkcmL

The first graders created a drawing inspired by the story. They used various lines to show  craziness.  Students used white construction paper and black marker.  Pictures will be posted soon.

Second Grade:  Since this week was a modified day, only 2 classes had art.  The students painted their warm and cool color drawings with water colors.

Third Grade: Welcome to the Jamaica!  The third graders have been hard at work creating leaves for a mango tree.  The students are working together to create a mango tree for the 2nd grade musical.  Students cut out leaves and used crumpled paper to add texture using green tempera paint.  IMG_0938

Fourth Grade: Fourth graders had a beginning art lesson on drawing a side profile of a person.  We learned the new art vocabulary words, proportion and scale.  We will use this skill to create Egyptian faces.



Happy Holidays

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  Here is what the students worked on before the winter break.

Kindergarten:  The students created a fun snow globe made out of construction paper.  They got to take it home and use it as a fun ornament.

First Grade:  The first graders finished up their polar art projects and name art for their Art Portfolio covers.

Second grade:  The second graders learned about the artist Andy Warhol and colored in a camouflage picture (inspired by Warhol’s work).

Third grade:  The students were given one last day to finish their city scapes and to work on a fun holiday art project using oil pastels.  They smudged the lights with their finger to create a “glowing effect”

Fourth grade:  The students were given one more art session to complete their positive and negative space symmetrical art.


Fifth grade: Students continued working on their Worm’s Eye View Perspective Art using water colors.  We will continue this project when we return from break.


Sixth grade: The 3D Optical art project is reaching completion.  Here are a few finished pieces.