Happy Holidays

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  Here is what the students worked on before the winter break.

Kindergarten:  The students created a fun snow globe made out of construction paper.  They got to take it home and use it as a fun ornament.

First Grade:  The first graders finished up their polar art projects and name art for their Art Portfolio covers.

Second grade:  The second graders learned about the artist Andy Warhol and colored in a camouflage picture (inspired by Warhol’s work).

Third grade:  The students were given one last day to finish their city scapes and to work on a fun holiday art project using oil pastels.  They smudged the lights with their finger to create a “glowing effect”

Fourth grade:  The students were given one more art session to complete their positive and negative space symmetrical art.


Fifth grade: Students continued working on their Worm’s Eye View Perspective Art using water colors.  We will continue this project when we return from break.


Sixth grade: The 3D Optical art project is reaching completion.  Here are a few finished pieces.

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