Let the 3rd quarter “creative-ness” begin…

Welcome back everyone!  This quarter most of the grade levels will be working collaboratively on set designs for the 2nd grade musical.  The theme of the musical is, countries around the world.  Here is what each grade worked on this week.

Kindergarten:  The kindergartners read a non-fiction book about owls.  We learned about the different body parts of an owl and how it uses these body parts to survive.  The kindergartners used Model Magic Clay to create owl sculptures.

First Grade: In Art class we read the story, Crazy Hair Day.51e2kJBkcmL

The first graders created a drawing inspired by the story. They used various lines to show  craziness.  Students used white construction paper and black marker.  Pictures will be posted soon.

Second Grade:  Since this week was a modified day, only 2 classes had art.  The students painted their warm and cool color drawings with water colors.

Third Grade: Welcome to the Jamaica!  The third graders have been hard at work creating leaves for a mango tree.  The students are working together to create a mango tree for the 2nd grade musical.  Students cut out leaves and used crumpled paper to add texture using green tempera paint.  IMG_0938

Fourth Grade: Fourth graders had a beginning art lesson on drawing a side profile of a person.  We learned the new art vocabulary words, proportion and scale.  We will use this skill to create Egyptian faces.



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