Week of January 18th-22nd

The 2nd week of the third quarter was very productive.  The props for the 2nd grade musical are starting to come together.

Kindergarten:  The kindergartners made a tree habitat for their owl sculpture.  They took a brown paper bag an twisted it to resemble a fall tree.  Some of the kinder classes helped create a Coolabah tree (an Australian Eucalyptus Tree)  for the 2nd grade musical.

First Grade:  The first grade team is in charge of creating the Coolabah tree (which the kindergartners also helped out with).  The students added brown squares to the trunk (made out of cardboard) using a glue solution (glue and water).  They also added leaves using a pencil, green squares, and white glue. They did an awesome job working together.

Second Grade: Each second grade class will be representing a different country for the musical.  Here are the projects each class started this week:

Mrs. Jackson:  Egypt- Gold Egyptian necklaces (materials:  paper plate and gold paint)

Mrs. Hernandez: Australia- Koala masks (materials: liquid starch for paper mache noses, paper plates, grey paint, fur, and yarn)

Mrs. Huffman: China and Japan- Dragon masks (materials:  paper plates, popsicle sticks, dragon template, colored pencils, and construction paper)

Mrs. Davis: Jamaica- Fruit basket head pieces (basket materials:  strips of brown paper for weaving)

Mr. Inocencio: South Africa- Tribal Masks (materials:  paper plates, brown paint, white paint, beads, pipe cleaners, and yarn)

Pictures will be posted next week!

Third Grade: This week the third graders assembled the leaves they created last week.  They also used newspaper and masking tape to create a paper mache mango.  They will begin starching next week.  IMG_0973

Fourth Grade: The 4th graders are working on an EXCITING project!!! They are working on a tear art mural of an ancient Egyptian pyramid scene.  It will probably take 2 more art sessions to complete.

Fifth Grade: This week the 5th graders continued making origami cherry blossom flowers.  They also learned how to make origami leaves.  There were also designated students working on attaching the flowers to the tree.

Sixth grade, Mrs. Torres’ class, and Mrs. Gersten’s class did not meet this week.

Ms. Simmon’s class:  The students completed their Keith Haring inspired art.  Pictures will be posted soon.  The finished products were fabulous!

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