Week of January 25th

Parents and students,

Bring in your old shoe boxes.  We are going to use the shoe boxes as props for the 2nd grade musical.  We are also in need of baby wipes.  Thank you in advance for your donations!

Here are the exciting things going on!

Kindergarten: The students continued working on their owl sculptures.  This week they painted their work using brown tempera paint.

Mrs. Gersten’s and Mrs. Torres’ class: These classes created a crazy hair drawing based on the text, Crazy Hair (which first grade also did last week).

First Grade: The first graders were busy creating a paper weaving project for a large American Flag.  The flag will be composed of 6X6 squares designed by all of first grade.  The American Flag will become a part of the 2nd grade musical set. IMG_1015

Second Grade: Each 2nd grade class has a different project based on the country they are working on for the musical.  The classes are either making masks or head pieces.

Mr. Inocencio (South Africa):  Tribal Masks

Mrs. Hernandez (Austrailia): Koala Masks IMG_1007

Mrs. Huffman: (China and Japan): Dragon Masks

Mrs. Davis (Jamaica): Fruit basket head pieces

Mrs. Jackson (Egypt):  Gold necklaces

Third Grade: Let the paper mache madness begin!  The students added green paper and liquid starch to the newspaper mango molds they made last week.


Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade:  Both grade levels worked on the Egyptian Mural.  It is great seeing the students work together for one purpose.


Sixth Grade and Ms. Simmon’s class:  The students also worked in collaborative groups creating African animals.  The media used was paper mache, yarn, and glue.

Here are a few art projects from Ms. Simmons’ class from last week.


Check out the art work displayed in the office (6th grade and 3rd grade):

Thank you to our fabulous parent helper, Mrs. Carreon, for putting the bulletin board together. IMG_1027

The cherry blossom tree is complete and ready for the musical.


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