Week of Feb. 1st

The Egyptian Pyramid mural is complete!!!  Great job 4th, 5th and 6th graders!  The mural was finished off with a coat of liquid starch.


Kindergarten: The kinder students made trees for their clay owl by cutting and twisting a brown paper bag.

First Grade:The patriotic weaving project was completed this week.  Students added a 3D star to their square.  The squares will be strung together to create an American banner for the 2nd grade musical.

Second Grade:  

Mrs. Hernandez’ class:  The students designed an Australian stamp.  They incorporated Australian animals such as the kangaroo, Emu, platypus, koala, etc.

Mrs. Jackson’s Class:  Students created their Egyptian headpieces and masks.

Mrs. Huffman’s class:  Mrs. Huffman’s class continued working on their Lion Dragon masks.  IMG_1062

Mrs. Davis’ class:  Model Magic Clay was the media the students used to create clay fruit.  The molded apples and grapes for their fruit basket head piece. IMG_1065

Mr. Inocencio’s class:  The tribal masks were decorated using white paint and a paper fastener. Next week the students will add pipe cleaners and beads.

Third Grade: The third graders continued working on their paper mache mangoes and added yellow accent paint using tempera paint and sponges.

Fourth Grade:  The students started their Egyptian profile drawing.  We revisited the process of drawing a facial profile.  We discussed proportion, scale, and placement.  The students drew the faces in pencil this week.

Fifth Grade and sixth grade:  Both grade levels worked on the Egyptian Tear Art Mural

Ms. Simmon’s class: The students worked on identity grids.  The identity grids have 16 boxes.  In the boxes, students write the letters in the name in block letters, and symbols that tell something about themselves.

Mrs. Gersten’s class and Mrs. Torres’ class:  Theses classes learned about warm and cool colors.  We looked at Vincent Vangogh’s Starry Starry Night.  The students drew a self portrait and used cool colors to create a border around their picture. IMG_1055


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