Week fo Feb. 16th

Kindergarten:  The kindergarteners learned about how the artist, Wassily Kandinsky used shapes in his art.  He believed shapes conveyed emotions. The students used circles in their art.  They created birds out of the circles.  Next week they will add watercolors to their art pieces.

First Grade: The artist of the week is Claude Monet.  The students learned about the influence of water in Monet’s life and work.  The students recreated their version of The Water Lily Pond. pond The students used oil pastels to draw a bridge and the greenery.  Next week the students will add watercolors and salt.

Second Grade: The second graders are working very hard on their masks and head pieces.  Many of the projects are completed.  Here is an Egyptian head piece in the making.


Third Grade:  This is session 2 of the optical art hand project.  Many of the students started the coloring this week.

Fourth Grade: Many of the students completed their Egyptian profile faces.  They are beyond beautiful!!!

Fifth Grade: Did not meet this week

Sixth Grade: Check out these beautiful freeform shapes. Stop by the auditorium and the art room to get a closer look.

Mrs. Gersten’s and Mrs. Torres’ class: did not meet this week

Ms. Simmon’s class: The students completed their identity grids this week.


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