Week of February 29th

This is an art update for the past 2 weeks.  I apologize for not updating the blog last week.

Kindergarten:  Last week the kindergartners painted their circle birds with watercolors.

First Grade: Last week the first graders painted their Claude Monet inspired lily garden.  After painting with water colors, they added salt.  The salt allowed the water colors to spread.

This week the students learned about surrealist artist, Alberto Giacometti.  We looked at his self portraits and human sculptures.  The students started making their self portrait sculptures using paper.


Second Grade:  The second graders completed their masks!  The students also created a symmetrical name monster.  They folded a piece of paper in half, wrote their names, cut it out, and created a monster with their name shape.

3rd Grade and Ms. Simmons class:  For the past two weeks, the 3rd graders and Ms Simmon’s class worked on their 3D hand art.  The students who finished their hand project drew the Cat in the Hat using a directed drawing guide.  We talked about using cross hatching to add value to the Cat.



4th Grade: Last week the students completed the Egyptian profiles.  These projects turned out far better than I expected.

This week the students learned how to draw figure proportions.  The students practiced drawing 3 figures using a line and geometric shapes to draw the bodies.The 4th graders also studied the work of Alberto Giocometti (just like the 1st graders)

5th grade:  For the past 2 weeks of art class, the 5th graders have been working on their identity grids.  I have enjoyed learning about the culture of this age group.

6th grade: The 6th graders started a new art unit on drawing using a grid. We learned about the work of Albrect Druer.  The students selected an animal from a magazine.  Next they added grid lines to the photograph and on their drawing paper.  After drawing the entire animal, the students used varying tints and shades with a charcoal pencil and colored pencils. These projects are AMAZING.  The project will probably need 2 more art sessions to complete.

Selected students from 5th and 6th grade drew a wombat and kangaroo for the 2nd grade musical set.  Check out that amazing wombat!

Ms. Torres’ and Ms. Gersten’s class:  Last week the students drew a family portait which they added to their colored tissue background. The projects were laminated and are hanging on the art room window.  Stop by and check them out. IMG_1215

This week the students started their circle bird project (See kinder post for project details).  They drew out their birds this week and will paint next week.