Hello Spring

It’s great to have 2 weeks off to restart and get ready for the last quarter of school!  I am about 2 weeks behind in my blogging.  It was an incredibly busy last week because Wolf Canyon hosted very special visitors on Thursday, March 17th.  Wolf Canyon was selected to be one of the schools to showcase our Visual and Performing Arts Program. Many of the visitors are school administrators from all over the country. 2 students from grades 1-6 were asked to talk about the art projects in the Art room.  These students did a phenomenal job!  Thank you to:

1st grade: Grayson and Dylan (Berman)

2nd grade: Jayden (Jackson) and Reanne (Hernandez)

3rd grade: Gavin and Raine (Sullivan)

4th grade: RJ and Govind (Carreon)

5th grade: Abigail (Lafferty) and Melchor (Williamson)

6th grade: Shiva (Chandroo), Dakota (Robbins), Dago (Simmons)

Here are the projects we left off on before Spring break.

Kindergarten and Ms. Torres’ class: The kindergartners learned about the Pop Artist, Andy Warhol.  We looked specifically at his Campbell’s Soup art piece.  Next the students selected an everyday object,  drew an observational drawing, and wrote a sentence about the object they selected.

First Grade:  The first graders viewed the self portraits created by Pablo Picasso and the human sculptures by Alberto Giocometti.  Using construction paper, the students had the opportunity to experiment with cutting and gluing to create a self-portrait in the form of a paper sculpture.

Second Grade: The second graders spent their art and music time practising their songs for the 2nd grade show in the auditorium.

Third Grade:  Did not meet due to the Art and Music Showcase on March 17th

Fourth Grade: The fourth graders continued working on their Alberto Giocometti inspired foiled sculptures.  These have become quite a popular art project and the talk of the art room.

Fifth Grade: The fifth graders have spent the past couple art classes learning about contour drawing and gesture drawing.  The first week of the lesson, they drew their hand using a blind contour technique.  Then they drew it a few more times where they were able to look at their drawing but their focus had to be on the outline of their hand.

On the 2nd day, they took every day items (similar to kinder)  and learned how to create an outline of the object using hand and eye coordination.  The also added shadows, details, and color value.  These drawings are awesome!

Sixth grade: This was the final day of the animal grid drawings.  The final pieces were very realistic and the students were proud of their final pieces.  We also spent time reflecting on the art pieces.

Ms. Simmons’ class: The students learned about symmetry in art.  We looked at artists and art pieces that used positive and negative space. The students created art pieces using both art principles by cutting designs on construction paper and flipping the design.


Here is the beautiful Egyptian mural hanging on the auditorium stage.


Here is a picture of Wolf Canyon Art at the district.



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