Hello 4th quarter!

Well it’s the last quarter of school and there are some interesting and fun art projects in the works.

We are also in need of yarn for an upcoming weaving project.  If you have any extra yarn at home please bring it to room 502.  Thank you.

Kindergarten: The art this week was tied into kindergarten social studies standards.  We talked about community.  The students started drawing 5-6 places in their community art project.  The project will be traced in marker, colored in oil pastels, folded, and cut.  I attached a picture of my sample.

First graders:  The students completed their self portrait paper sculptures.  They are so fun to look at.

Second grade: The second graders used their art and music time to practice for the 2nd grade show.

Third Grade and Ms. Simmon’s class: We tied Science and Art together this week with drawings of Easter lilies.  We talked about the seed germination process and the life cycle of a plant.  The students looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings of sunflowers as inspiration.  We also discussed the difference between observational drawings and drawing from their imagination.

Fourth Grade:  The 4th graders got to select an art project from an Art menu.  The choices included: creating a brochure, designing a cereal box, creating a new animal at the zoo just to name a few.

Fifth Grade: The fifth graders also drew Easter lilies and we also tied in a quick science lesson.  The students had a discussion about what their observed about the lilies.  Many of the students shared that the soil was dry, the leaves were turing yellow and brown, the leaves were starting to droop, etc.  I purposely did not water the plants because I wanted the students to have this discussion.  We briefly covered standard 5-LS1-1 (Support an argument that plants get the materials they need for growth chiefly from air and water.)

I asked the students to zoom in on a specific part of the plant (ex: the flower, part of the leaves) rather than the whole plant to create a gesture drawing.Next week the students will paint their art using tempera paints with focus on value.

Sixth grade: The students got a short history lesson about the art of Chinese paper cutting which dates back to the Eastern Han Dynasty.  We read and discussed uses, meaning, techniques, and symbols.  The students watched a video of a Chinese woman creating a paper cut butterfly.  The students then used templates to practice the art. In the next 2 sessions, the students will create their own Chinese paper cutting design on red paper.

Here are the 2 videos we watched in class:

Chinese paper cutting


Mrs. Gersten’s class and Mrs. Torres’ class did not meet due the the Emergency drill this week.



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