Week of April 11th

Kindergarten:  The students continued working on their stand up community art project.  Most of the students are still drawing out and outlining their places. Mrs. Gersten and Ms. Torres’ class started this art project this week.

First Grade:  The first graders started a new art project this week.  We looked at art from around the world (China, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, India, Greece, Australia, and Russia). I was able to borrow 3 Russian Nesting dolls for the students to see.  For the art project, the students drew 3 dolls and decorated it with various lines and patterns.  They outlined it in marker.  Next week they will paint it with watercolors and cut it out.

Second Grade:  2nd graders rehearsed for the show in the auditorium

Third Grade: This week the 3rd graders outlined their observational drawing of a lily with white glue.  Next week they will color it with chalk pastel.

Fourth Grade:  We started a new art project this week.  The 4th graders learned about the art and uses of basket weaving for the early California Indians.  We used straws as a weaving loom.  This week we prepared the loom by threading the yarn through.

Fifth grade and Ms. Simmon’s class: Today was painting day.  The students painted their gesture drawing of a lily plant which, they drew last week.  The students had to use different color values and were encouraged to mix and experiment with the paint colors.

Sixth grade: This week was the 2nd session of our lesson on Chinese paper cutting.  The 6th graders had a another day to practice this ancient art form.


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