Week of April 18th

Kindergarten, Mrs. Gersten’s and Ms. Torres’:  The students continued working on their paper community drawing of Otay Ranch.  This week the students added color with oil pastels.

First grade: This was the 2nd week of the Russian Nesting Doll project.  The students continued their drawing and outlining.  Next week we will paint.

Second grade:  The 2nd graders had their dress rehearsal during art and music time. The students did an AWESOME job!  Thank you to the 6th grade stage crew: Nakaela, Cooper, Umi, and Taylor.

Third grade: The 3rd graders used chalk pastels this week to color in their observational drawing of a lily plant. The dried glue gave it a neat texture and also acted as a bumper.


Fourth grade:  The students continued to work on the set up of their straw loom.  A few classes actually started weaving this week.IMG_1652

Fifth grade and Ms. Simmons’ class:  This week the 5th graders added a water color background to their lily painting.  Many of the students will need one more week to finish.

Sixth grade:  The students started cutting out their Chinese paper art onto the red paper.  We will need one more week for this art lesson.

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