Weeks of April 25th and May 2nd

This an update on the past 2 weeks of art.

Kindergarten, Mrs. Gersten’s class, and Ms. Torres’ class:  The students completed their Otay Ranch paper community and also started a new project inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  Our project is called A Starry Night Over San Diego.In class we watched a biography of Van Gogh’s.  We tied in New Generation Science curriculum by comparing and contrasting day time weather with night time weather. The students observed Van Gogh’s use of warm colors and cool colors in his painting as well as how he used lines to create movement. The students drew their pictures with pencils first and used oils pastels to draw broken lines for the sky background.

First grade: The 1st graders used these 2 art sessions to complete their Russian Nesting Dolls.  They look incredible!

Second grade: Now that the 2nd grade musical is over, the second graders are back in the swing of things again in art.  We continued a project we started a few weeks back.  The students drew donuts making sure their donuts “overlapped.”  This is an art technique used to show depth.  Then the donuts were outlined with permanent marker and colored with chalk pastels.

Third Grade: Last week the 3rd graders had their standardized tests, so they did not have art class.  This week the students finished up their observational lily drawings by coloring the background and lilies with chalk pastels.  The dried glue and the chalk pastels made a pretty fantastic combination.

Fourth Grade: The fourth graders also had one week of art due to standardized tests.  For their art session, they worked on creating a drawing which represented what they learned this year about California.  The squares will be put together on the auditorium wall in a mosaic form to spell out the word “Cali” .  This will be the background for their upcoming musical.

Fifth Grade: Last week’s art session was dedicated to completing the gesture drawing of the lily plant.  Check out these amazing paintings!

This week we started a new art lesson which tied in with 5th grade Social Studies. Ms. Simmon’s class also started this art project.  We read a Native American folktale about a Raven.  We discussed the significance of folktales to Native American culture.  The art project will involve the students designing a raven and etching out the design on handmade scratch paper.  Today was the first step of the process.  The students colored an entire page with oil pastels, making sure the colors they selected were bright and colored in a pattern.

Sixth grade: Last week the 6th graders completed their Chinese Paper cuts.  This week we started a new project which will become the cover for their art portfolio. Before starting the project, we looked at ancient Islamic Art discussing their use of patterns, intricate deigns, math, radial symmetry, and calligraphy.  The students drew a kaleidoscope design of their name. This was a lot more challenging than it appeared which helped the students appreciate the technique and styles of Islamic art. Pictures will be posted next week.

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