Week of August 22nd

This week most of the grade levels (except 2nd grade) worked on a project for Art Box

Click on the link below to learn about art box (click on “play slide show” when you get to the Art Box website)

ArtBoxSign2Art Box

Kindergarten: The kindergartners learned about the Element of Art, Line.  We also looked at how the illustrator used line in the story Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson.  Using black paint, students painted 5 lines on their paper.  This art piece will become a monster after 2 more art sessions.

First Grade: This week the first grades cut out their color wheels from last week.  The color wheels became an umbrella for their picture.  They added a rain coat, boots, and details to their art piece.  Next week we will add the raindrops using blue paint and our pinky finger as a tool.

Second Grade: Each class worked on 2nd grade show props or costumes.

Mrs. Jackson’s class: This was session 2 of paper daffodils making.

Mrs. Hernandez’s class:  The girls added the paper flowers to their headbands while the boys continued flower making for the set design.

Mrs. Huffman’s class:  As a group the class continued to add paper crepes to the Japanese Cherry blossom mural.

Mr. Inocencio’s class: The students continued making their paper beads.

Mrs. Davis’ class:  The students continued working on their Koala masks by adding furry ears, coloring in the eyes, and adding a headband.

Third Grade: This past week, the students continued their Keith Haring inspired line art.  They will need about 2 more art sessions to complete their piece for Art Box.

Fourth Grade:  Our focus in art class this week was learning how to draw a face with proper proportions. We used a head grid and handouts to help with drawing eyes, lips, and noses.

Fifth Grade: The fifth graders were introduced to the Elements of Design this week.  We focused on space especially on overlapping. Students were encouraged to observe the cactus plants for details in their drawings.

Sixth Grade: The 6th graders were introduced to the art of Zantangle. We looked at Pablo Picasso’s Guernica and the various values represented.  Using various values, students drew a flower and added Zantangle designs.

Mrs. Gersten and Miss Torres:  The students added rainbow colors to their line monsters. Mrs. Simmons:  The shooting start line projects are complete.  Pictures will be posted next week.

Week of August 15th

Here are the projects we worked on this week in art class:

Mrs. Gersten and Miss Torres’ SDC classes: The students learned about line (one of the 7 Elements of Art).  We read the book Harold and the Purple Crayon by: Crockett Johnson.  harold1

As we read the story, we discussed the different lines used by the illustrator (straight lines, jagged lines, expressive lines, curved lines, etc). The students drew 3 different lines using black oil pastel on white construction paper.  Next week they will color the spaces between the lines.  This will become the body for a monster. The project will take about 3-4 weeks to complete.

First Grade: The first graders learned about color (one of the Elements of Art).  In our lesson, we talked about primary and secondary colors.  Using tempera paint, the students created a color wheel.  They painted the primary colors first and then mixed colors to create the secondary colors.  This color wheel will become an umbrella picture.  This is a 3 week-long project.

Second grade:  The second grade classes all worked on individual projects for the 2nd grade show.  Each class will be representing a continent (2 countries from each continent).

Mrs. Jackson, Europe: (Wales and France) The students created paper daffodils for Wales.

Mrs. Hernandez, North America: (Mexico and Canada) Mrs. Hernandez’s class made flowers out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners for Mexico.

Mrs. Huffman, Asia (Philippines and Japan):  As part of the set design, the students worked on a collaborative project gluing cherry blossoms onto a mural panal. The cherry blossoms are made out of crepe paper.

Mr. Inocencio, Africa: The students made a recycled art project using old magazines.  They made beads using a ruler, skewer, glue, and magazine strips.  The beads will be used to make a tribal necklace.

Mrs. Davis, Australia: This week students painted koala headbands as part of their costume. IMG_2356

Mrs. Greenzweig, South America (Brazil and Puerto Rico):  Mrs. Greenzweig’s class folded scrapbook paper into paper fans. The fans will be a costume prop.

Third Grade: The element of art the 3rd  graders learned about was line.  We looked at the art work of Keith Haring and his use of lines to express mood and movement.

First, the students drew a figure showing a movement (ex: a figure jumping, dancing, doing a hand stand).  They started off with a stick person, and then filled in the figure with geometric shapes to create a contour outline. Next week the students will outline , color with marker, and color the background with lines.

Fourth-Sixth grade: The upper grade students had an introductory lesson on value and color (these are 2 Elements of Art).  We looked at several art pieces and discussed the use of analogous colors, warm/cool colors, complementary colors, and monochromatic colors.  Here a few art pieces we discussed:

We also looked at how adding value adds form.  In their art notebooks,oojjau students created 3 value scales using pencil, colored pencils, and makers.  The techniques they practiced were blending, cross hatching, and stippling.

Ms. Simmons’ SDC class: The students learned about the Elements of Art concentrating on line.  We looked at several examples of lines and discussed how artists use line (mood, movement, and contour outline). The students made an art piece of a shooting star with various lines coming from the star. The lines were outlined in sharpie and colored with chalk pastels.  The star was cut out of black construction paper. They will need 1 more week to complete this piece.

Week of August 8th

All grade levels this week worked on their monthly Art journals for a second week.  We spent time sharing our entries at the end of art class.  The students were able to grasp the idea of Non-Objective art through this lesson.  Miss Torres’ and Mrs. Gersten’s SDC classes completed a Kandinsky inspired tree.  Each student created a leaf using circles and oil pastels.


Week of August 1st

We had a successful first week of art.  Most of the art time was devoted to discussing rules, expectations, and routines.  All grade levels started their monthly art journal.  This is a project I am so excited to do with all the students.  Each month students will create an artistic representation of the feelings/emotions for the month.  The lessons and expectations were modified to meet the needs of the various grade levels.

Students were introduced to the 3 styles of Art (Realism, Abstract, and Non-Objective).  The focus of the Art Journals was non-objective art (this is art that has a  non-identifiable subject, and no attempt to represent an object).  In class we looked at Wassily Kandinsky’s non-objective art pieces.

The students will need one more week to complete their July entry.