Week of Aug. 29th

This week all grade levels worked on art projects for Art Box. Here are this week’s updates.

Kindergarten: Students worked on their line monster by coloring in between the lines they made last week.  The media used was oil pastels. IMG_2555

First Grade:  The 1st graders completed their umbrella color wheel art by adding raindrops using tempera paint and their pinky finger as a painting tool.

Second Grade and Mrs. Simmon’s class: This week we took a break from creating props, costumes, and set design for the show and concentrated on a project for Art Box.  In class, we studied the Principles of Design focusing mainly on space. Here are the art pieces we discussed. In each painting we examined how the art uses various sizes to show whether an object is near or far. The students created their own field of poppies using red tempera paint.  The poppies furthest from the the horizon line were the largest, and the poppies had to decrease in size the closer they got to the horizon.

Third Grade: This was session 4 of the Keith Haring inspired movement art project.  A few students finished.  We will probably need 1 more week to complete the project.

Fourth Grade: This week we continued our lesson on drawing facial proportions.  The students started their draft for their crazy hair person.

Fifth Grade: The students continued working on their cactus dish art.

Sixth Grade: The Zantangle flowers are absolutely beautiful.  The students will have one more week to work on their designs.

Miss Torres and Mrs. Gersten’s class: The lines monsters are complete!  The students added details such as eyes, mouths, and arms.



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