Week of October 17th

Kindergarten: Mrs. Persichilli’s class and Mrs. Synder’s class completed their line monsters.  All other kinder classes and the SDC Primary classes started a  new art project.  We discussed the Element of Art of shape and read the story If The Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most. 61itolefrul-_sy393_bo1204203200_

We discussed the shapes used in the illustrations.  The students created their buildings this week.  Next week we will add the dinosaurs.

VAPA Standard: 2.6, NAS VA:CR1.1k, CCSS RL3, CCSS Math KG4

First Grade: This week we learned about the abstract art of Pablo Picasso and the Element of Art of Color.  We discussed how artists use warm and cool colors to express moods and feelings in art. Here are the art pieces we discussed.

Students created their own abstract art portrait demonstrating the use of warm and cool colors.  Check out these pieces…

VAPA Standard: 2.4, NAS: VA:CR2.3.1, CCSS Reading RI.1

Second Grade:  The classes continued working on costume props for the musical.  Check out this hat for the Philippines

Third Grade: This week the 3rd graders completed their movement art projects and covers for their art portfolio.  Next week we will start a new art project “Cityscape on the water”

Fourth Grade and upper grade SDC: The focus for this new project was the Element of Art of Space.  We talked about how artists use positive and negative space in their art pieces.  Here are the art pieces we discussed..

Students drew 2 trees using a tree template they created.  They will need to create a defined positive and negative space using white and a variety of colors.

VAPA Standard: 1.2, 2.6, CCSS: Speaking and listening 1.d

Fifth Grade: Our focus for the next few weeks will be on drawing.  We compared gesture drawings and contour drawings.  We also looked at sketch books samples from the artists Vincent Van Gogh and Rembrandt 164138-rembrandt_fallhut_gesture_drawing_1606_-_1669

We practiced the skill of gesture drawing using silhouettes of animals and people. The students enjoyed this exercise.  They were only given 2 minutes for each drawing.  We focused on capturing shape and movement.

VAPA standard” 2.2, NAS: VA CR 2.1.5

Sixth Grade : It is painting day! The 6th graders added a value background to their Zantangle Flower. They created tints by adding white to the base color.

VAPA standards: 1.1, 2.3, 2.4, NAS CR2.1.6

Welcome to the 2nd Quarter!!!

The past 2 weeks have been dedicated to completing Art box projects.  Bar codes have been added to completed projects and the work is being sorted out.  The projects are due to Art Box by October 24th and we should be receiving the catalogs and orders in time for Christmas.  Here are some photos of the work completed so far.