Week of October 31st

Kindergarten:  This was session 3 of the Dinosaur Art.  Most of the students will need one more session to complete the project.

First Grade: I had a substitute for first grade.  The students worked on Dot Monsters with the substitute.  I heard they enjoyed this fun project.

Second Grade and Ms. Torres’ class: Painting Day!  This week the students added color to their pumpkins.  For each section of the pumpkin, students painted the outer edges of the pumpkin orange and added yellow in the center.  The yellow and the orange blended giving form to the pumpkins by adding value.

Third Grade:  The students continued drawing and outlining their city scapes. Next week we will focus on coloring the city scapes and possibly spraying them.

Fourth Grade: The 4th graders continued working on their positive and negative trees.

Fifth Grade: For this week’s project, students incorporated what they learned from gesture drawing and contour drawing.  I brought everyday objects like hangers, scissors, glue bottles, baby shoes, etc.  The students selected an object to draw.  They started with a quick gesture draw and then created a contour outline.

Sixth Grade: We continued working on the Value Mapping project.  Most of the students worked on mapping their photograph and a few were able to start the blending with pencil.

Mrs. Gersten’s class: This week’s art lesson incorporated Next Generation Science Standard K-ESS3-1(Living things need water, air, and resources from the land, and they live in places that have the things they need).  We read informational texts about owls and discussed what they ate and their habitat.  For their art project, students added feathers to an owl using Tear Art.

Ca VAPA standard: 2.3

NAS: VA:CR2.3k



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