Completed Projects so far

This is an updated post for projects completed before Thanksgiving break.

Second grade:

Third Grade:

Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade:

Sixth Grade:

Other grade levels:

Kindergarten:  The students used their art time to complete their dinosaur art and covers for their portfolios.

First grade:  The first graders learned about the life and art of Claude Monet.  We tied this art lesson to Science by discussing the life cycle of a water lily.  The students created water lilies using crayons, inspired by Monet’s painting of his water lily pond.

Second grade (Mrs. Hernandez and Mrs. Jackson), and Mrs. Simmons’ class:

The students were introduced to a fun new media called Play Color Sticks.  The Play Color Sticks are essentially tempera paint on a stick.  Our art lesson was about radial symmetry.  The students created a design, which had to demonstrate repeated patterns, simple shapes and lines, and radial symmetry. They had so much fun using this media!

Mrs. Gersten’s class:  The students completed their tear art owls by adding a beak, legs, and eyes (pictures to come soon).