Week of April 17th

Kindergarten: This week the kindergartens selected either a primary color or a second color to paint their rabbit. Pictures will be posted next week.

1st grade: The final step of the Vincent Van Gogh sunflowers was to add a glaze. We used Mod podge to give it that finishing touch.

2nd grade: The students add a trunk and branches with oil pastels and the cherry blossoms using q-tips and paint.

3rd grade: These foil embossed pictures look like stained glass!

4th grade: The weaving projects are really coming together. We will need one more week for this project.

5th grade: It’s scratch day! Using a tooth pick the students “scratched out” their raven design.

6th grade: The 6th graders added a black outline with sharpie to their Egyptian profile drawings.  They also added gold and silver embellishments with permanent marker. Next week we will paint the portraits.

Mrs. Gersten’s class: The students painted their sunflowers. These turned out so beautiful.

Ms. Torres’ class: Ms. Torres’ students continued making their shape outlines with white glue and yarn.

Mrs. Simmons’ class: The students added the final clear coat for their organic clay sculptures using Mod Podge.



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