Week of April 24th

Kindergarten: This week the kindergarteners drew a background for their bunny using chalk pastels and oil pastels.


1st grade: We studied the work of Jim Dine.  We discussed his use of simple shapes and texture in his “heart” artwork.  The students added texture to their work using yarn, white glue, tissue paper, and a glue solution. IMG_4113IMG_4114IMG_4115IMG_4119IMG_4118

2nd grade: May 5th is Japanese Children’s Day.  We are learning about this unique holiday by creating a Koinobori.  The students designed their Koinobori using markers.  In a few weeks, they will spray the entire fish with water in a spray bottle.  This gives it a really neat color effect. To learn about this holiday click here.koinoboroIMG_4135IMG_4134

3rd grade:Mrs. Johnson’s class and some of Mr. Nixon’s students had their “clay day” this week.  The students created awesome organic shapes with Model Magic Clay. The other classes continued working on their foil embossing art. IMG_4132IMG_4131

4th grade: We continued weaving this week.  We will spend one more day with this project.


5th grade: Check out these awesome art pieces!IMG_4128IMG_4127IMG_4126IMG_4125

6th grade: This week the 6th graders painted their Egyptian profiles with watercolors.


Mrs. Gersten’s class: The students also learned about Japanese Children’s day and created Koinobori also.

Ms. Torres’ class: Ms. Torres’ class added foil to their embossing art and colored it in with sharpies.

Mrs. Simmons’ class:Our focus this week was on movement and optical art.  The students started their project by adding diagonal lines onto a sheet of paper and coloring it in with marker.  In the next few weeks they will add vertical lines and fan out the lines to create the illusion that the lines are moving.IMG_4130


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