Week of May 8th

Kindergarten: The students continued their Pablo Picasso inspired paper collage.


First grade: This week we learned about the element of art of texture and shape.  We discussed the difference between implied texture and actual texture.  Then we explored different techniques using colored pencils such as hatching, cross hatching, stippling, scumbling, etc. The students brought in stuffed animals from home to use as their still life subject. They added texture using the colored pencils.

IMG_4210blue bear.pngIMG_4209IMG_4208IMG_4207

Second grade: It’s spray day!  The students who completed decorating and coloring last week were able to spray their Koinobori art with water.  Check out the cool effect the sprayed water adds.


Third Grade: Mr. Nixon’s and Mrs. Masterson’s class had their “Clay Day” today.  They sculpted their organic shapes with Model Magic Clay.  The rest of the 3rd grade classes painted their sculptures.


Fourth Grade: This was a fun and messy project.  We used a new painting technique called Bubble Painting.  The students blew air into a cup filled with dish soap, water and tempera paint.  Then they popped the bubbles with their paper.  They created hydrangeas out of the bubbles.


Fifth Grade: The students continued working on their assemblage art pieces.  The students will paint their art pieces during their next art session.


Sixth Grade: Did not met due to testing

Mrs. Simmons’ class:  This week was the 2nd session for the optical art project.  The students cut their paper this week.  Next week they will “fan out” the strips to demonstrate movement.


Mrs. Gersten’s and Ms. Torres’ class: These students also drew still life pictures of stuffed animals and added texture using colored pencils (see 1st grade description).




Week of May 1st

Kindergarten: Some of the kinder classes continued working on their bunny sculpture art.  The other classes started a new art project studying the Guitar art of Pablo Picasso.  The students created guitars in a paper collage technique. IMG_4192IMG_4191IMG_4190IMG_4189

First Grade: Check out these completed textured hearts.  The kids loved feeling the texture of their art piece.IMG_4174IMG_4173

Second Grade: The 2nd graders continued decorating their Koinobori windsocks.



Third Grade:  Testing week (the students did not have art class this week)


Fourth Grade:  These weaving projects turned out fabulous!



Fifth Grade: We started a new project this week.  The students are creating an assemblage using popsicle sticks and a lot of random items.  We discussed unity and harmony in art.  Their assemblage project must include a theme, and must demonstrate unity and harmony. This week and next week the students will be gluing on their items to their popsicle stick palette.  On the 3rd week, they will paint their art piece.  This was so much fun!


Sixth Grade:  These Egyptian profiles look authentic.  They did an awesome job with their facial proportions and positions.


Mrs. Gerstens’ class: This class also created textured hearts.


Ms. Torres’ class: The students completed their foil embossing projects this week.

Mrs. Simmons’ class: This was the 2nd session of the optical illusion line project.  The students finished coloring their lines with marker.  Next week we will add cut lines and strategically glue it onto paper to give it the illusion that the lines are moving.