Week of August 21st  

Kindergarten: This week was the second lesson for the line monster project.  The students cut out a monster face from their line art and added eyes, a mouth, and a nose.

First grade and Mr. Thomas’ class: The students completed their color wheel flowers.  Students searched for primary colors in magazines and cut out petal shapes.

Second Grade: This week in art, we discussed bilateral and radial symmetry.  We learned about Islamic art and the radial symmetry found in buildings, windows, and tapestries.  The 2nd graders created a design on scratch board using a dull pencil.  After etching out their design, they added tempera paint with a brush and then stamped their artwork in a radial pattern.

Third Grade: It’s sculpting day in 3rd grade. Students sculpted organic shapes using Model Magic Clay.  Students were encouraged to add texture using sculpting tools, tin foil, tooth picks, and straws.  This lesson is a continuation of last week’s shape lesson. The students were introduced to the work of Henri Matisse.

Fourth grade: The Scream self portraits are complete.  The students who finished last week, started their portfolio cover.  The students designed a Zantangle monogram.

Fifth grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:  Here are the completed self-portrait grid drawings.



Sixth Grade: The 6th graders were also introduced to the radial symmetry found in Islamic art.  The students began their paper relief sculptures using 3 origami folds (hate fold, samurai fold, and the kite fold).

Mrs. Gersten’s class: We read the story, The Leaves on Trees by Thom Wiley and discussed the characteristics of fall trees and leaves. We looked at the work of Vincent Van Gogh’s art title, Autumn Landscape. autumn-landscape

The students created their own autumn trees using oil pastels for the branches and trunk.  To add texture to the leaves, the students used tin foil and tempera paint to stamp leaves onto their tree.



Week of August 14th 

Kindergarten:  We started a new art project this week.  The students learned about the artwork of Keith Haring.  Haring’s art work demonstrates uses of lines to show movement and feeling.  This week was the first session of the line monster project.  Students drew 5 different lines using black marker.  Then they colored in the spaces with Play Color Sticks. This will become the body for the monster.


Mrs. Gerstens’ class: The students added a background and features to their Eric Carle inspired Chameleon art.


First Grade and Mr. Thomas’ class: For this next art project, our focus was on primary and secondary colors.  We mixed primary colors to make secondary colors (with oil pastels).  Then the students went on a color hunt.  They searched for primary colors in magazines and create petals out of them.

Second Grade:  The Hello Goodbye Windows are complete.  You can see the finished products in the auditorium.

Third Grade: The students created paper collages inspired by the work of Henri Matisse.  We focused on organic and geometric shaped for this collage project.

Fourth Grade:  Check out these completed Scream self-portraits.


Fifth Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:  The students continued working on their realistic self-portraits grids.

Sixth Grade: The abstract masks are complete!



Week of August 7th

SAVE BOTTLE CAPS! WE NEED thousands of Bottle Caps for a very special 10 year Anniversary Project. Please start collecting the bottle caps and turn them in to the school office no later than Friday, September 15.

This week most grade levels continued with last week’s projects.  Check out the photo updates.


Mrs. Gersten’s class: The students started a new project using the story The Mixed up Chameleon by Eric Carle.  We focused on primary colors for this mosaic collage.


First Grade:


Second Grade:


Third Grade:



Fourth Grade:



Fifth Grade:


Sixth Grade:


Mr. Thomas’ class:


Mrs. Simmons’ class:



Week of July 31st 

Kindergarten and Mrs. Gerstens’ class: In class, we read the story “It’s Okay to be Different” by Todd Parr.  The students made a self portrait inspired by Todd Parr’s illustrations. To create the portrait, students used a fun media called, Playcolor Sticks.

51aPacDvUqL__SX258_BO1,204,203,200_play color


First Grade: The first grade students learned about the abstract art of Pablo Picasso. The students drew an abstract portrait of themselves using black marker and Playcolor Sticks

. bio_picasso_pablo untitled


Second Grade:  Second grade art was inspired by the story, “The Hello, Goodbye Window” by Norton Juster.  The students created a paper collage self portrait in their own “Hello, Goodbye Window”.




Third Grade: We are studying the Cubism art movement in 3rd grade.  We read artwork and analyzed the characteristics of Cubism art in each painting. The students created a Cubism inspired self portrait. We also looked at Pablo Picasso’s Weeping Woman art piece.  The art media for this project were the Crayola Color Sticks.


Fourth Grade: “AHHHHHH!!!!” That was the impression many students got from Edvard Munch’s, Scream.  We learned about this famous art piece and analyzed Munich’s use of  line to demonstrate movement.  The student’s created their version of the Scream.  It will also be an abstract self -portrait.



Fifth Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: The 5th graders were introduced to the realist artist, Chuck Close.  We read about his disabilities and his amazing art work using the grid process.  The students used their photo and make a print on grid paper.  They will be adding color with colored pencils to their print.



Sixth Grade: The 6th graders also learned about the Cubism Art movement.  They created 3 dimensional portraits using cardboard and oil pastels.  We focused on adding texture to show dimension.