Week of August 28th

Kindergarten: This week in kindergarten we finished up the line monsters and started a Fall project.  We read a book about Fall and discussed how leaves and trees change during this season.  We also looked at the autumn landscape painting  of Vincent Van Gogh.  First, students drew grass and a tree using oil pastels.  Then, they balled up aluminum foil and used it as a “stamp” to create the autumn leaves.  The students dipped the foil in red, yellow, orange, and brown tempera paint.

Mrs. Yalamanchi’s and Mrs. Snyder’s class had a great time sorting out bottle caps for the 10th anniversary mural.  This tied in nicely with their math sorting standard! They also got to take part in a special collaborate art project.

First Grade:  This week we learned about landscapes and texture.  We looked at various famous landscape paintings and discussed the different features of the landscapes.  The students drew a landscape on paper and outlined it in marker.  Then, with oil pastels rubbed texture onto their drawing using textured rubbing plates.

. rubbing plates

Second grade:  Check out this beautiful mural made from the scratch tiles the students painted on last week.

This week’s lesson focused on the Element of Art, color.  We looked at several paintings using entirely warm or cool colors and discussed the moods expressed. For their project, the students drew a large leaf using oil pastels on watercolor paper.  Then they had to select either all warm colors or all cool colors for their leaf.  They had to use the opposite colors for the background (ex: warm leaf on a cool background).  The students will paint their drawing with watercolors next week.

Third Grade:  This week the 3rd graders painted their clay sculptures with Crayola brush pens and tempera paint.  We received the brush pens from the Crayola Grant.

Fourth Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: This week the students learned the conventions of figure proportions.  We practiced drawing people in various poses.  First, the students draw a line to represent the overall body.  Then they added geometric shapes to fill the body.  Next week the students will select one pose for their foil sculpture.

Fifth Grade:  For the next 2 art lessons, the 5th grade lessons will be on learning how to contour and gesture draw.  We looked at sample art work from Rembrandt’s sketch book. This week we focused on contour drawing.  We started with a blind contour drawing of our hand.  Then we practiced a few more times with different hand positions.  For the classes that had extra time, they applied the contour drawing skills to draw a sea shell.

Sixth Grade:  The paper relief projects are looking fantastic.  We will continue this project for one more day.

Mr. Thomas’ and Mrs. Gersten’s class:

The students read the story, The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  They created their own “dot” using oil pastels.


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