Week of October 16th

Kindergarten and Mrs. Gersten’s class:

This week we read the story The Little White Owl by Tracey Corderoy and Jane Chapman.  The students used Model Magic Clay to sculpt their own little owl. The kinders explored various sculpting tools to design their owl.  Next week they will add colors inspired by the owls from the story.  We will also make a tree out of paper bags.

the little white owl21

First Grade:

This week the 1st graders completed their paper sculpture of an animal.


Second Grade and Mr. Thomas’ class:

The 2nd grade classes worked on props for the 2nd grade show.

Mr. Thomas’ and Mrs. Huffman’s class worked made corn and corn leaves.

Mrs. Jackson’s class painted pumpkins.

Mr. Inocencio’s class sculpted baby chicks.


Third Grade:

The students were introduced to the process of print making.  We looked at patterns found in art pieces and discussed what shapes and colors repeated.  We talked about the difference between patterns that have a motif and patterns that are random.  Then using 2 plastic bags, the students used Mr. Sketch markers to draw out a background design and symbol. Then they pressed the plastic bag onto their paper to create the print.  It was a great art experience!



Fourth Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:

Weaving time!  Today was session 1 of our weaving project.  We talked about the different ways baskets contributed to the everyday lives of the early California Indians.  We also looked at the basket weaving art of local San Diego artist Eva Salazar.


This week the students prepared their paper plate loom by cutting out 11 petals and stringing the first part of the loom. Mrs. Simmons’ class decorated their looms using metallic gel sticks.


Fifth Grade: We are still working on the animal eyes.  The students have shown a lot of patience with this cool project.



Sixth Grade: The 6th graders completed the Romero Inspired art for Art Box.





Week of October 9th

Kindergarten:  The kinder students completed their pipe cleaner line picture this week.


First Grade:  This week the students had the opportunity to explore with paper.  The students learned paper sculpting techniques.  Then they started their paper animal sculptures.


Second Grade:  The 2nd graders completed their Poppy Field Art.


Third Grade:  Check out these beautiful monochromatic oceans! After their students completed their art projects we had “Museum Time.”  The students gave their artwork a title and wrote a short description. Then we walked around the room and practiced being respectful observers of other people’s artwork.



Fourth Grade:  We had a blast learning how to printmake in 4th grade.  For this project, we used leaves (from around the school), gel trays (I made these trays out of unflavored gelatin on a cookie sheet), a brayer, and black tempera paint.  First the students added ink to their tray and used a brayer to distribute the paint. Then they addedthe leaves on top. Lastly they placed the paper over the leaves and “massaged” the paper.  Here are a few student samples of the prints.



Fifth Grade:  The students were hard at work with the animal eye drawings. We will need another art session to complete the eyes.




Sixth Grade:  The 6th graders were designing their “Art Box” project which is inspired by the artist Romero Britto.






Week of October 2nd

Hello Fall! Here are the exciting things we did in the Art Room this week!

Kindergarten: The students had the opportunity to explore and create using pipe cleaners.  This is our 2nd art lesson on Line.  We talked about different types of lines and looked at how famous artists used line in their artwork.  Using 1-4 pipe cleaners, students manipulated the wire by bending it into shapes and lines.  Then they had to incorporate the pipe cleaners into a picture. The students colored their pictures with Crayola Slick Sticks and crayons.


First Grade: The first grade students took part in the 10 Year Anniversary Mural project by sorting out bottle caps.  Take a look at the beautiful rainbow of bottle caps.


Second Grade: This week we learned about the artist Claude Monet.  We used his paintings to discuss how artists use Space in their artwork.  Monet’s landscapes had a foreground, middle ground, and a background.  Objects in the foreground are large, detailed, and clear.  Objects in the middle ground and the background get smaller and less clear.  Students applied this knowledge to their own painting of a Poppy Flower Field.  The background was colored in with chalk pastel and the flowers were painted with red tempera paint.  We will need one more art session to complete this art piece.


Third Grade: The students continued working on their monochromatic ocean project from last quarter.  The 3rd graders added animal and plant silhouettes out of black construction paper and glued it onto their ocean.


Fourth Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: Our art project began with a lesson on positive and negative space.  The students created a symmetrical design with construction paper.  They cut out shapes and “flipped” it onto the other side of the paper.


Fifth Grade: Check out the progress of these fantastic animal eyes.


6th grade, Mrs. Gerstens’ class, and Mr. Thomas’ class did not meet this week

The week before Fall Break


Here is what we did the week before break

Kindergarten: We read an informational text about the life cycle of a sunflower and we also discussed the parts of the plant.  Then we looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings.  The students then drew a practice sketch of a sunflower with a vase and a border.  They included lines and shapes on the border and on the vase.  Then they drew their picture on a foil covered tile.  The last step of this process wasto add black paint and with a small piece of cloth.  Then they took another piece of cloth and wiped off all the excess paint.


First Grade: The students worked on a Zantangle monogram for their art portfolio cover.

Second Grade: The second graders also worked on their portfolio cover.

Third Grade: The Element of Art we focused on for our next art project was color.  The students created a monochromatic ocean with paint by adding white to create different tints.  When we return from break, the students will add animal silhouettes with black construction paper.


Fourth Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: The students added the shadow to their foil sculptures.  Using a flash light and the sunlight, students traced the shadow made from the flashlight and the sun.  Then they filled in the shadow with permanent marker.


Fifth Grade: This week the students applied their knowledge of gesture and contour drawing to start a drawing of an animal eye.  The students gridded out their paper and began their drawings using pencil.  Then they used charcoal pencils to add the outline, details, and dark areas.



Sixth Grade: Check out these completed art pieces!


Mr. Thomas’ class: We read an information text on Fall.  We discussed how artists use warm and cool colors to convey mood using famous art pieces from artists such as Pablo Picasso and Edgar Degas. The students drew a Fall leaf with oil pastels. Then the students added warm colors to the leaf and cool colors for the background.