Week of October 9th

Kindergarten:  The kinder students completed their pipe cleaner line picture this week.


First Grade:  This week the students had the opportunity to explore with paper.  The students learned paper sculpting techniques.  Then they started their paper animal sculptures.


Second Grade:  The 2nd graders completed their Poppy Field Art.


Third Grade:  Check out these beautiful monochromatic oceans! After their students completed their art projects we had “Museum Time.”  The students gave their artwork a title and wrote a short description. Then we walked around the room and practiced being respectful observers of other people’s artwork.



Fourth Grade:  We had a blast learning how to printmake in 4th grade.  For this project, we used leaves (from around the school), gel trays (I made these trays out of unflavored gelatin on a cookie sheet), a brayer, and black tempera paint.  First the students added ink to their tray and used a brayer to distribute the paint. Then they addedthe leaves on top. Lastly they placed the paper over the leaves and “massaged” the paper.  Here are a few student samples of the prints.



Fifth Grade:  The students were hard at work with the animal eye drawings. We will need another art session to complete the eyes.




Sixth Grade:  The 6th graders were designing their “Art Box” project which is inspired by the artist Romero Britto.






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