Week of Nov. 13th

Kindergarten: The students continued their Piet Mondrian inspired paper collage.

First Grade: We “read” the art of Andy Warhol. We discussed the following questions:

What do you see?, What media did the artist use?, Did the artist draw the picture 9 times?

Then we watched a short biographical video about Andy Warhol.  For our project, the students created prints of a leaf with white paint.  They selected a leaf, painted it, and printed it on black paper multiple times.  The students will color the leaves at our next art session.



Second Grade: Mrs. Huffman’s class was the only 2nd grade group that had art on Tuesday because of the 2nd grade field trip.  We “read” the art of Vincent Van Gogh.  The students described what they saw.  Students pointed out the drooping flower, the lines from the brush strokes, the colors, and the realism.  They started a still life flower drawing using oil pastels.  For our next art class, we will “antique” the drawing by crumpling the paper and painting over it with brown and black watercolors.



Third Grade: Vincent Van Gogh was also the subject of our artist study for 3rd grade.  We “read” the art of Vincent Van Gogh and watched an interactive animation of Starry Night. They also closely looked at how Vincent Van Gogh blended colors. The students learned the technique of “dual loading” a brush.  Dual loading is the process of adding paint to one side of the brush, and dipping the other side in another color.  As you paint, both colors appear on the paper and blend. The students created their own version of Starry Night emphasizing the techniques of using short brush strokes and blending.

Fourth Grade: The 4th graders continued their weaving project (we had a 2 week break from the project).

Fifth Grade: This week we started a new art project.  We looked at 3 sculptures.

Love by: Robert Indiana, St. Michael’s Counterguard by: Frank Stella, and Grace hoper by: Tony Smith

We compared similarities and differences, and discussed how form is used.

For the art project, students selected a word that describes them.  They will turn that word into a sculpture.  They also painted a platform for their sculpture. This project will probably take 3 weeks to complete.

Sixth Grade:

We looked at the amazing work of Georgia O’Keeffe this week.  We became art detectives by responding to a series of question about her art.  Some of the questions were:  If you could go inside the art, what would you see, smell, and hear?, What materials did the artist use to make this art?, What is one thing you would change about the art?, What is your favorite part?, How does the art make you feel?, and What questions do you have about the art?  Then the students used a black oil pastel to draw a magnified flower on black construction paper.  They added chalk pastels and blended colors.  They will need one more art class to complete the project.

Mrs. Gersten’s Class: In art this week, we learned a song about the life cycle of a pumpkin.  The students will be creating pumpkins using painted paper.  First, they painted 4 pieces of paper for the pumpkins and leaves.  They also drew over the wet paint with a popsicle Stick.  Next week, they will cut out the leaves and the pumpkin shape.


Mr. Thomas’ class: We “read” the art of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Red Canna.  We looked closely at how she blended colors.  Mr. Thomas’ students drew a pumpkin with oil pastels  and blended colors using tempera paint.



Mrs. Simmons’ class: The flowers are complete!  They are absolutely beautiful.


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