Week of November 27th


Kinder: The students continued working on their Leonid Afromov inspired city (see post from Week of Nov. 13th)

First grade: The students cut out their leaf prints and colored them in with colored pencils to bring out the textures of the leaf.  Then they glued the prints on construction paper. These are pieces look very Andy Warhol like!

Second Grade: The students continued working on their antique still life drawings.  They will “antique” it next week.

Third Grade: This week the students added buildings to the Van Gogh inspired city. The students used construction paper and oil pastels to create the city.

Fourth Grade: The students continued the weaving process this week.  They will need one more week for this project.

Fifth Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: These classes continued working on their paper sculpture.  A few students were able to assemble their sculpture.

Sixth Grade: The 6th graders are working really hard on these flower drawings.  Check out next week’s blog for photos of finished masterpieces.

Mrs. Gersten’s class: These painted pumpkins look so whimsical.  The students did a great job especially with all the pieces they had to cut out and assemble. The art is hanging in the auditorium.

Mr. Thomas’ class: Tada!  These pumpkins are complete and look stunning!

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