Week of January 8th

Happy New Year!  It has been a great start to 2018 so far.  Here is what was accomplished this week.

Kindergarten:  The students continued a project they started before winter break.  The students read the art of Carmen Lomas Garza titled, Tamalada.  From the painting, the students concluded that this was a portrait of a family making dinner together.


Before break, the students were given instruction on how to draw people.  The students were encouraged to move away from drawing stick people. They used this skill to draw a family portrait.



This week the students completed their family portraits and cut them out.  For the background of the art work, students added colored tissues with a water and glue solution.  Then they added their drawing over the background.

First Grade: The first graders continued a project that was also started before break.  The first part of the project was an activity called listening to art.  Click here to read about this project. For the second part of this project, the students used the paper they created to make an expressionist collage.

Before starting the project they had to plan out:

  1. What emotion/feeling will their art express?
  2. What is the story behind the collage?
  3. What will you create for your collage?
  4. What will the title of your  art piece be?

Check out these collages in progress.

Second Grade: Mrs. Jackson’s class was the only 2nd grade class to have art this week due to the modified day schedule.  Before starting this project, we learned about the artist Jackson Pollack.  We looked at his unique abstract artwork using drip painting.

The students used white glue to create lines using the dripping technique.  Then they added salt to the glue to add texture.  Next week they will add watercolors and more salt.

Third Grade:  The third graders continued their optical art drawing of their hand.

Fourth Grade: We started a new art unit this semester.  We looked at sculptures and paintings that demonstrated the Element of Art of Form. In the art pieces, the students discussed how the artists added shadows, overlapping, shadings, 3 dimension shapes, and color to show form. In class we drew 3-dimensional shapes and added value through shading.

Fifth Grade: Each class did a different project.

Mrs. Williamson’s class:  This group participated in an exciting STEAM project.  The students were given a task to create a pendulum for painting.  The students used their planning, observational skills, and exploration with materials to design their pendulum.  Here is a list of materials available to them to create their art pendulum:

empty water bottles, glue bottle tips, masking tape, clear plastic cups, yarn, binder clips, yard sticks, chairs, plastic crates, hot glue (and Mrs. Adamos’ assistance), rubber bands, scissors, and a hole puncher

In groups, the students began with a written plan or drawing.  Then they began the construction phase.  Next week we will test with water, and if successful add paint to the pendulum.

Each 5th grade class will participate in this project.

Mrs. Marmion’s class:  This group worked on a mural for the 2nd grade show.  The project they started was a backdrop for a tiled landscape.  This week the students, taped lots of boxes together.  These boxes will hold poster board paper for the mural.

Mr. Cross’ class:  The fifth graders began a new art project involving one-point perspective.  The students read a text about Raphael’s famous art piece, The School of Athens. The text also highlighted the merge of Science and Math with Art.  4bde2c3d21611770ae2f79a2a4f60974

For their art piece,  the students had to demonstrate knowledge of one-point perspective by making a collage. They were encouraged to used as much paper in their collage (instead of drawing).

Sixth grade, Mrs, Gersten’s class, and Mr. Thomas’ class did not meet this week.

Mrs. Simmons’ class: This week the students completed their word sculptures.


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