Week of January 15th

6th grade, Mrs. Gersten’s class, and Mr. Thomas’ class did not meet in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Kindergarten:  The kinders completed their family portraits this week. Visit the auditorium to see some awesome samples.


First Grade: The students were hard at work creating their collages.  We will need one more week to complete this project


Second Grade:  Mrs. Jackson’s class began painting their drip art with water colors.  They were so fascinated by the effect the salt had on the water colors.

Mr. Inocenio’s class and Ms. Zavala’s class started the project this week.  These classes dripped white glue on their papers and added salt.

Third Grade:  This week was the final art session to work on the 3D hand art.  The art is beautiful.


Fourth Grade and Mrs. Simmon’s class: The 4th grade students used the drawing skills they learned the previous week to create a drawing of a shape tower/building.  They had to color the shapes using value to demonstrate form. Mrs. Simmon’s class began this project.  Her class learned how to draw a cube, cone, sphere, and cylinder using value shadings and shadows.

Fifth Grade:

Mrs. Williamson’s class:  This group continued constructing their pendulum.  Many of the groups were able to test their pendulum with water.  It was neat to observe the students making corrections to their construction to make improvements. At the end of our art time, we discussed successes and failures.


Mrs. Marmion’s class and Mr.Cross’ class continued working on their one point perspective collages.




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