Week of February 19th

6th grade, Mr. Thomas’ class, and Mrs. Gersten’s class did not meet due to President’s Day.

Kindergarten: The kinder students assembled their art portfolios and selected their “showcase” piece for the art exhibit.

First Grade:  It’s decorating day.  The 1st graders colored their parrots with colored sharpies.  They also added feather and glitter.

Second Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:  Since I was out on Tuesday, the students created “selfie-portaits” with the substitute.  The students had a fun time decorating a cell phone and drawing a self-portrait.

Third Grade:  The students worked collaboratively to paint an African scene for the 2nd grade show.  They used tempera paints.

Fourth Grade:  The fourth graders participated in a Music assembly.  Mr. Riggs’ class and Mrs. Connary’s class complete their Totem Pole projects.

Fifth Grade:  This week the students painted a coat of black tempera paint to create their “scratch paper”.  Next week, they will “scratch” out their raven drawing using a craft stick.


Week of February 12th

Kindergarten: Did not meet due to the modified day and President’s weekend

Mrs. Gersten’s class: The students participated in the city of Chula Vista Art Contest.

Mr. Thomas’ class:   The students learned about the characteristics of Folk Art and we specifically focused on art involving metal and Folk Art from Mexico. The objective of the art lesson, is to create a Mexican Mirror using an aluminum tile and construction paper. The students started by cutting the aluminum sheet into a circle and engraving a radial design using geometric shapes and organic shapes (with a craft stick). Then they selected construction paper for the frame and decorated with Sharpie and Crayola Color Sticks.IMG_6936

First Grade: The students began a clay project using Model Magic Clay.  The students created a tropical parrot.  They learned basic sculpting techniques using plastic sculpting tools and their hands to mold and shape the clay.

Second Grade: It’s spraying day!  The students used a water bottle to spray water onto their colored Koinobori.

Third Grade:  We started a new art lesson this week inspired from Australian art.  The students watched a video about the history of Aboriginal Dot Painting.  This week the students selected an Austrailian animal and cut out a silhouette of the animal from colored construction paper.  They glued this onto a black piece of paper.  The 3rd graders will paint the dots the next week.

Fourth Grade and Mrs. Simmon’s class: These classes continued working on their Totem Poles.

Fifth Grade:  For our next art project, the students read a Native American Folk Tale about a Raven.  We discussed key details from this legend.  The objective of the lesson is to create a raven drawing with elements from the text (ex:  the moon, sun, water, wind, fire, and stars).  The raven will be drawn on handmade “scratch paper.”  The process of making the scratch paper involves a 2 step process. The first step is to color an entire paper using crayons. The 2nd step will be completed next week.  They will paint black tempera paint over the colored paper.  Then once dried, they will “scratch” out a design using a wooden craft stick.

Sixth Grade:  The students continued their value mapping project. Check out the progress.

Week of February 5th

Kindergarten:  The students completed their Pablo Picasso inspired guitar collages! 11 1012

The early finishers got to work on a drawing contest from the city of Chula Vista.  The students drew a picture to the following prompt:

Create a drawing showing how you would like your community to look when you get older in the following categories.  (kindergarten’s category was housing)

Mr. Thomas’ class: The students also completed their guitar collages this week.

Mrs. Gersten’s class: The students did observational drawings of everyday objects (brush, canned food, shoes, headband, etc). They had to outline,  match the colors using crayons, and write a sentence stating what their object is.

First Grade:  The first graders also participated in the drawing contest.  They had the same prompt as kindergarten but their category was transportation.

Second grade: The students in Mrs. Jackson’s class and Mr. Inocencio’s class continued designing their Koinobori wind socks.

Mrs. Zavala’s class finally got to paint their Jackson Pollack inspired drip painting.

Third Grade:  This was the final week to compete the Mexican Folk Art Mirrors.  The students who finished their mirror began their drawing for the art contest.  The category for 3rd grade was, health care services.

Fourth Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: We started a new art lesson this week.  The students read an informative text about Totem Poles.  Each class will be designing a collaborative family totem pole.  The students selected an animal that best represents their character.  The material used for the project is construction paper. Pictures will be posted next week.

Fifth and sixth grade:  The Amazon mural is completely painted thanks to the help of these grade levels.

Week of January 29th

Kindergarten: The students continued working on their Pablo Picasso inspired collage by adding their guitar.  The students had a choice of making a realistic guitar or an abstract guitar.

Mr. Thomas’ class also started a similar collage.

Mrs. Gersten’s class: The students added their tissue background to their family portrait.  They used tissue squares and water & glue solution.


First Grade:  The first graders completed the leaves for the 2nd grade show and their expressionist collage.

Second Grade:  We started a new art project this week about the Japanese holiday, Children’s Day.  The student learned about the symbolism of the Koinobori (Carp Windsock).  They created their own paper Koinobori using construction paper and markers. Once completed, the students will spray their art work with water.  This process will allow the colors to spread.

Ms. Zavala’s class completed their African necklaces for the 2nd grade show.

Third Grade:  Check out these completed Mexican Folk Art Mirrors!

Fourth Grade: 4th grade was on a fieldtrip

Fifth Grade:  Mrs. Williamson’s class used their Pendulums one last time to create art pieces.  It was a messy, beautiful work of art.

Mr. Cross’ class and Mrs. Marimion’s class completed their one point perspective collages.


Sixth Grade:  We worked on an exciting collaborative painting project for the 2nd grade show.


Mrs. Simmons’ class:  Here are the completed 3 dimensional shape drawings.  Check out the shading!