Week of January 29th

Kindergarten: The students continued working on their Pablo Picasso inspired collage by adding their guitar.  The students had a choice of making a realistic guitar or an abstract guitar.

Mr. Thomas’ class also started a similar collage.

Mrs. Gersten’s class: The students added their tissue background to their family portrait.  They used tissue squares and water & glue solution.


First Grade:  The first graders completed the leaves for the 2nd grade show and their expressionist collage.

Second Grade:  We started a new art project this week about the Japanese holiday, Children’s Day.  The student learned about the symbolism of the Koinobori (Carp Windsock).  They created their own paper Koinobori using construction paper and markers. Once completed, the students will spray their art work with water.  This process will allow the colors to spread.

Ms. Zavala’s class completed their African necklaces for the 2nd grade show.

Third Grade:  Check out these completed Mexican Folk Art Mirrors!

Fourth Grade: 4th grade was on a fieldtrip

Fifth Grade:  Mrs. Williamson’s class used their Pendulums one last time to create art pieces.  It was a messy, beautiful work of art.

Mr. Cross’ class and Mrs. Marimion’s class completed their one point perspective collages.


Sixth Grade:  We worked on an exciting collaborative painting project for the 2nd grade show.


Mrs. Simmons’ class:  Here are the completed 3 dimensional shape drawings.  Check out the shading!




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