Week of March 5th

Here are pictures from the Art Exhibit.


Kindergarten:  Due to the modified schedule, only Mrs. Yalamanchi’s class and Mrs. Snyder’s class had art this week.  We read the story, Crazy Hair Day by: Barney Saltzburg. As the story was read, the students made predictions about what would happen next.  For their art project, the students created a self-portrait with crazy hair.  They used various lines to express “craziness”.  They used Play Color Sticks to add color to their crazy do.



First Grade:  I had a great opportunity to meet with Ms. Margaret.  Ms. Margaret is a proud grandmother of 2 Wolf Canyon Students.  Ms. Margaret repurposes men’s silk ties for her projects.  She shared her beautiful quilts inspired by the art work of Helene Knott. Knott designs Story Quilts of cats which she cleverly titled, the Garden Patch Cats.  The cats are transformed into fun vegetables and fruits. The students enjoyed the quilts and “guessing” what fruit or vegetable the cats were.

Here are a few examples of art work by the artist Helene Knott:

The students started  an art piece inspired by this lovely art work.  They used chalk pastels to color a background on white construction paper.  Then they cut out squares from magazine pages to create a quilt border.  Next week, they will design a cat but turn it into a vegetable or fruit.  They are very excited to start their cat.

Second grade: The students learned about the art of George Seurat and the art technique of Pointillism. Pointillism is a technique using small dots to “color” an art piece.  Using markers, students added small dots to a butterfly.   This process involves a LOT of patience.

Third grade: The students continued their aboriginal art projects by also adding dots  using tempera paint and a pencil (as their painting tool). Prior to starting this project, we watched a video of how this Folk Art is made.  We discussed the patience and precision involved with this art process.

Fourth Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: It’s Design Time!  The students used their prior knowledge of California History to design a postal stamp.  They had to include landmarks, historical events, or symbols of California to their design.

Fifth Grade:  The students continued working on their Raven art pieces.  They enjoyed the process of creating the”scratch” paper.  IMG_7046

Sixth Grade:  The value mapping projects are complete!  They are amazing!  The students also worked collaboratively to create a mural of famous artists (this mural was designed by Jenny K.) The students colored a section of the mural.  The mural is hanging in front of the Art Exhibit.

Mr. Thomas’ class did not meet this week.

Mrs. Gersten’s class:  In class we read the story, Tar Beach by: faith Ringgold. 61E3vEeKRrL._SX375_BO1,204,203,200_

For this art project, I took a  photo of the students in a “flying” pose.  This photo will be glued onto their art piece.  The students started the project, by designing a border with various shapes and patterns. They drew the patterns on paper strips.  We will continue the project next week.


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