Week of April 9th

Thank you to the families who have donated art supplies!

We are still in need of baby wipes.  🙂

Kindergarten and Mrs. Gersten’s class:  This week the students completed their favorite memory project.  Check out these flying kids!

First Grade:  The Garden Patch Cats are complete!  I absolutely love the colors in this project.

Second Grade:  The 2nd graders are continuing to rehearse for their musical.  Thank you to the art club for setting up the stage and props.  And a special thank you to my 3 stage crew students.

Mr. Thomas’ class: It was sculpting day for Mr. Thomas’ class.  We began the lesson by discussing the difference between 2 dimensional art and 3 dimensional art.  The students then sorted out items into the 2D group or the 3D group.  Then the students began sculpting Model Magic Clay into a bird.  This week we made the body, eyes, and beak.  We will continue this project next week. dbb

Third Grade: This week the students began the yarn coiling technique to their snake art.  They students used tape, yarn, and white Elmer’s glue for this process.

 Fourth Grade:  The students continued coloring their optical art piece with markers.

Fifth Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: This week was the 2nd art session for the abstract art project.  It is neat to see their students use a variety of media and materials to create their abstract object.


6th Grade:  We had to divert from our drawing unit because the wooden mannequins did not get delivered on time.  So, the students worked on a symmetry project inspired by Islamic Art.  The students learned about the math and complexity involved with radial symmetry.  The students designed a symmetrical art piece using their name.  They created a grid using a ruler and had to strategically plan out how they were going to place the letters in their name.  They also had to write their name backwards and the letters in their name backwards for a part of the kaleidoscope.



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