Week of April 16th

Kindergarten and Mrs. Gersten’s class: This week we started a new art lesson about symbols in art.  The students looked at several art pieces with lions.  They discussed what they saw in the art and what they thought each lion represented. Then the students drew a “ferocious” lion.  Geometric vocabulary (triangle, semi-circle, rectangle, oval, etc.) and different types of lines (curved, diagonal, straight, jagged, vertical, and horizontal) were used as the students were drawing their lions.  Next week the students will use tempera paint to add the mane.


1st Grade: The students were introduced to Japanese art this week.  We also talked about the importance of symbols in Japanese art.  We watched a video about the history of the Cherry Blossoms.  The students designed a Japanese inspired vase.  They selected symbols from a handout and a class chart.  The symbols included the chrysanthemum, crane, mountains, water, clouds, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, spiders, sakura and Japanese characters. Next week the students will paint a cherry blossom branch.




2nd grade: The 2nd grade musical was a success!  Check out some of the art pieces created by our talented art club, 4th-6th grade, and 1st grade classes.

3rd Grade: The students continued the yarn coiling process for their snakes.

Mr. Thomas’ class: We completed sculpting all the parts for the tropical bird. Next week we will color and decorate.

4th Grade: This was the last week to finish coloring the optical art project.  The next step will be to cut, “fan” out, and glue the art.

5th Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: Abstract away!  These students are still working on this fun project.

6th Grade: This is the 2nd art session for the kaleidoscope names.  The students will need one more week to complete this artwork.

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