Week of April 30th and May 7th


Here are pictures of the projects from the last 2 weeks.

Kindergarten and Mrs. Gersten’s class: The students continued working on their lion piece by painting the lion mane.  The students learned the difference between blending and mixing colors. The students made long, straight strokes with a paintbrush.

On the week of May 7th, we started a new art project inspired by the artist, Claude Monet.  We learned about his career and his water lily paintings.  The students used oil pastels to draw a bridge, water lilies, and plants.  Then they used a technique called “wet on wet” where they painted water over their paper first and then applied the watercolors.  The students used blue and green paint.


First Grade: The first grade classes started a new art project inspired by Jim Dine.  We discussed his Pop Art and his use of texture.  On the first week, the students added heart shapes on a piece of cardboard using white glue and yarn.  On the second day, the students added colored tissue squares on top of the heart with liquid starch.  The art pieces are amazing.


2nd grade: The students worked on a new art project involving recyclable art.  We looked at several professional art pieces made with recyclable materials.  The students had a fun time guessing what the materials were.  The recyclable materials we used for our art projects were cardboard and magazines. The students cut magazine strips and glued them onto cardstock.  Then they designed a “window” with construction paper by cutting out a shape in the middle of the paper. Then they attached with window with cardboard squares.  The cardboard squares made the window paper sit higher and “pop out”.

3rd grade: On the week of April 30th, the students completed their snake projects by completing a background and attaching their snakes it.

snake 3snake 2snake 1

On the week of May 7th, third grade got 2 art sessions in week to accommodate their testing schedule.  For this next project, the students learned about Japanese art and focused on the symbol of the Koi.  The students designed a 3 dimensional koi with paper and painted it with watercolors.

4th grade:  The 4th graders did not have art due to standardized testing.

5th grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:  The students started a new art project as well.  We read about the art of M.C. Escher and his use of mathematics and art.  He was best known for his optical art and tessellations.  The students designed their own tessellation art.  They started with a rectangular card.  They made cuts and taped the pieces together.  This gave them a new shape to work with.  They had to be very creative with designing their shape and turning it into an animal, a monster, etc.

6th grade:  It’s drawing time!  The students worked on an observational drawing of a mannequin.  They used “view finders” to decide on which part of the mannequin they wanted to draw.  They used their knowledge of gesture and contour drawing to complete this project.  Afterwards they used brand NEW Crayola oil pastels (which in my opinion at the BEST) to add color.  They focused on value.  For darker values, they added black to the hue, and for lighter values they added white.


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