Week of October 22nd updates

Kindergarten and Mrs. Gersten’s class: Last week the students completed their painted city project. These art pieces were inspired by the work of Russian artist, Leonid Afromov.  The students learned about blending paint.  We also identified buildings in our community of Otay Ranch.  Students created these beautiful cityscapes using tempera paint and construction paper.


This week, we read an informative text about owls and the students started a “tear art” collage of an owl.

First Grade and Mr. Thomas’ class:  Check out these Spooky Cats!  We looked at several art pieces and discussed what the different cats symbolized in each piece.  The students then painted with black water color and used a straw to spread the fur. Then they added details with construction paper and a fun background using chalk pastels.


Second Grade: The project we are currently working on is inspired by the still life flowers of Vincent Van Gogh.  In class, we viewed several of his flower paintings.  The students drew a flower vase with flowers using oil pastels.  The next step in this process is to give the art an “antique look”.  Next week the students will crumple their art into a ball, open it up, and give it a watercolor wash with black paint.

Third Grade: Check out these completed Starry Night projects.

Last week, we started a new project.  The students learned about organic and geometric shapes in art.  The students began their project by drawing an organic design and outlining the lines with white glue and yarn.  Next week the students will cover the cardstock with aluminum foil and color the sections with colored sharpie.

Fourth Grade: It’s weaving time!  The next project was introduced with a lesson on how the Early California Indians used weaving in their everyday lives.  We discussed the different uses for baskets.  The 4th graders also learned about the artwork of local Kumeyaay basket weaver, Eva Salazar. The materials used for this project were burlap, a plastic tapestry needle, and yarn.

Fifth Graders: The students started a new project as well.  We read the art of Tony smith’s Gracehoper (Left) and Frank Stella’s St. Michaels Counterguard (right).


We discussed the Element of Art of Form.  For this project the students are designing a word sculpture. The students selected an adjective or noun to describe themselves.  They  drew the word on cardstock in block letters.  Then they colored to words with Playcolor sticks.  This project will continue for about 2 more weeks.

Mrs. Simmon’s Class: The monochromatic trees are complete. On the painted background and tree, the students added abstract leaves using oil pastels.

Sixth Grade:  The sixth graders worked on a piece for the ArtBox Fundraiser.  They painted with string!  First they colored a background using chalk pastels to represent the sky.  Then they dipped their string in tempera paint.  Next, they placed the paint covered string onto their colored background and folded it in half.  Last they held the paper down with cardboard and pulled the strong.  Viola!  A beautiful flower!


Art from the last 2 weeks of 1st quarter

Kindergarten:  We read the story I Spy Shapes in Art by: Lucy Micklethwait. We looked for shapes in famous art pieces. For this art project, the students made a paper pizza and used various shapes for their toppings.



Mrs. Gertsens’ class and the kinder students also made a fall tree inspired by the Autumn Landscape of Vincent Van Gogh. Using tempera paint, oil pastels, and aluminum foil as a painting tool, students create a beautiful fall tree. Autumn-Landscape-With-Four-Trees

First Grade: The next art lesson was on actual texture and implied texture. We looked at the work of Pop Artist, Jim Dine.  Jim Dine used texture in many of his Heart art pieces.  The students created hearts with white glue and yarn.  The following week, the students added colored tissues with liquid starch.

Second Grade:  The students learned about the work of Jackson Pollack.  The students created their version on drip art using white glue and salt.  The following week, the students added watercolors.  We discussed the chemical reaction that occurred when they added watercolors to the salt.



Third Grade and Mr. Thomas’ class:  The Japanese inspired Koi art pieces are complete!

Fourth grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:  The students completed their metal insects.  They are phenomenal!


Fifth Grade:  Check out these awesome portraits!

Sixth grade: The 6th grade classes completed their personalized symbols on scratch board.  They etched out a design using a dull pencil onto styrofoam “scratch board” .  They will print this design onto a colorful background when they return from fall break.  The colorful background will be created with oil pastels.