Art from the last 2 weeks of 1st quarter

Kindergarten:  We read the story I Spy Shapes in Art by: Lucy Micklethwait. We looked for shapes in famous art pieces. For this art project, the students made a paper pizza and used various shapes for their toppings.



Mrs. Gertsens’ class and the kinder students also made a fall tree inspired by the Autumn Landscape of Vincent Van Gogh. Using tempera paint, oil pastels, and aluminum foil as a painting tool, students create a beautiful fall tree. Autumn-Landscape-With-Four-Trees

First Grade: The next art lesson was on actual texture and implied texture. We looked at the work of Pop Artist, Jim Dine.  Jim Dine used texture in many of his Heart art pieces.  The students created hearts with white glue and yarn.  The following week, the students added colored tissues with liquid starch.

Second Grade:  The students learned about the work of Jackson Pollack.  The students created their version on drip art using white glue and salt.  The following week, the students added watercolors.  We discussed the chemical reaction that occurred when they added watercolors to the salt.



Third Grade and Mr. Thomas’ class:  The Japanese inspired Koi art pieces are complete!

Fourth grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:  The students completed their metal insects.  They are phenomenal!


Fifth Grade:  Check out these awesome portraits!

Sixth grade: The 6th grade classes completed their personalized symbols on scratch board.  They etched out a design using a dull pencil onto styrofoam “scratch board” .  They will print this design onto a colorful background when they return from fall break.  The colorful background will be created with oil pastels.

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