Week of January 14th

6th grade, Mr. Thomas’ class, and Mrs. Gersten’s class did not meet due to the teacher prep day on Monday.

Kindergarten: This week in art, kindergarteners learned about symbols in art.  We focused primarily on what lions represent in various cultures through their art.  Students participated in a carousal walkthrough of 6 different art pieces. Then students drew a giant lion head using basic shapes.  Next week we will add the mane by blending tempera paint.

1st grade:  We started a new art project this quarter learning about the art process of Printmaking.  The students were introduced to the famous Pop Artist and Printmaker, Andy Warhol.  First, students collected leaves outside. Then they painted one side of the leaf with white paint.  Then they pressed their leave onto black paper to create a print.  They repeated this process 4-6 times.  Next week students will add color with colored pencils and mount the leaves onto colored paper in an Andy Warhol Style.

2nd grade:  Due to the modified schedule, only Mrs. Zavala, Ms. Shockley, and Mr. Inocenio had art this week.  Those classes assembled their art portfolios and completed any unfinished art pieces.

3rd grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: Our next art project in 3rd grade is three dimensional paper sculpting.  Students will be creating a flower sculpture. We began the lesson looking at several paper sculptures and discussing how they think the artist used paper. Then we students were introduced to the technique of looping and pinching paper.  This project involves a lot of patience.  It will probably take 4 weeks to complete this art piece.

4th grade:  The 4th grade students also had an art “catch-up” day.  Most of the students had to finish up their positive and negative animal art.

5th grade: It is drawing 101 time!  The students learned how to create gesture drawings.  We watched a video of a professional artist explaining and demonstrating gestural drawings. We practiced this skill by drawing several silhouettes of people and animals.


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