Week of January 21st

Monday: Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (6th grade, Mr. Thomas’ class, and Mrs. Gersten’s class will have an extra art class next week to make up for the day off)

Kindergarten:  The kinder students painted today.  We focused on blending the tempera paints.

First grade: The 1st graders completed their Andy Warhol, inspired leaf prints by coloring in the prints with colored pencils, and adding a colorful construction paper background.

Second Grade: The students created symmetrical monsters using the shape of their name.  They decorated and colored their monster with markers and crayons.

Third Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:  Check out these whimsical and fun flowers so far.  The students will need one more week to complete their flowers.

Fourth Grade:  This week in art, we learned  how to draw the human figure.  We focused on body proportions.  As the students drew the human figures, they had to consider where the joints bend and the shape of the overall body.

Fifth Grade:  We continued our series on drawing.  This week the students learned about contour drawing. We focused on strengthening hand-eye coordination through a drawing exercise called “blind contour drawing”.  The students had a lot of fun with this and their subject was their hand. After practicing the blind contour twice, the students drew the same hand positions but they were able to look the 2nd time around.

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