Week of January 28th

Thank you everyone for the art donations!  We have a full supply of pink erasers and tape.  Here are the items we are still in need of:

Crayola Model Magic Clay (White)

Silver and Gold Sharpies

Kindergarten: We began our lesson by reading the story Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold. This art lesson was inspired by the beautiful patterns framing the artwork on each page of the book.  The students designed patterned borders using markers and crayons.  Each student took a “flying” photo which will be glued  work next week.

First grade: This week we learned about the art of makling self-portaits.  We looked at Pablo Picasso’s many self-portaits.  The students began their own self-portaits out of cut paper.  This art project allows them to explore and experiment with paper. (Pictures will be posted next week)

Second grade and 4th grade did not meet this week

Third grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:  The whimsical, colorful, fun flower sculptures are complete!

Fifth Grade:  The 5th graders began their Animal eye drawings this week. They sketched out the shape of the eye and main lines using gesture drawing.  Pictures will be posted next week

Sixth Grade:  The Paper Relief Sculptures are complete!

Mrs. Gersten’s class:  This week we focused on color and how mood is represented through color.  We talked about warm colors and cool colors.  The students used magazines to cut and sort out colors onto their color wheel.  Then they drew a peacock and used the color wheel for the tail.


Mr. Thomas’ class:  We studied the paper cut out work of famous artist Henri Matisse.  The students designed their own cut out collages.

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