Week of February 4th

Kindergarten:  The kinders completed their “Flying over my Favorite Memory” art piece.

First Grade: The students continued their paper portraits. It is fun seeing them explore an play with paper.

Second Grade:  The 2nd grade students learned about Space.  Space is one of the Elements of Art. We focused on overlapping.  The students used circle tracers to draw donuts.  They had to erase any overlapping lines.  Then they outlined the drawing with black marker and colored the donuts with chalk pastels.

Third Grade: The third grade classes are creating art for an event hosted by Dr. McLaren at Camerena called the Peace Fun Run.  The students are creating origami cranes to symbolize peace.  Participating students will be holding the cranes during the Peace Fun Run.  We did the 1st half of the crane this week.

Mr. Thomas’ class and Mrs. Gersten’s class also created art work for the Peace Fun Run.  This art work will be displayed at Camerena.

Fourth Grade:  The fourth grade classes began their Foil Sculptures.  This week they created platforms by wrapping colored butcher paper around cardboard.  They sketched out their plan for next week.

Fifth Grade: Check out the progress of these animal eyes!

Sixth Grade: The 6th graders are also creating artwork for the Peace Fun Run.  The theme of the project is: Visions of a Peaceful World.  The students were able to choose from a variety of media.

Mrs. Simmons’ class:  The students are creating an abstract self-portrait inspired by the artwork of Nate Williams.  The students also selected words that described their personality, hobbies, likes, etc. 38

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