Week 6 and 7

Tk and Mrs. Gersten’s class: Color Theory-Color Wheel turtle (Session 1)

Element of art: Color (Primary and secondary colors

Art technique: Torn paper collage

Media and Materials: construction paper scraps, construction paper, crayons, and oil pastels

Kindergarten: STEAM Lesson: Texture rubs

Materials: Oil pastels, texture plates, various textures items, water colors

1st Grade: STEAM Lesson: How do they make silly sounds in movies?  How do you make a rain sound device?

Materials:  Paper towel rolls, beads and pebbles, masking tape, blue butcher paper, aluminum foil

Mr. Thomas’ class and 2nd grade: STEAM Lesson Pollinators

Materials: pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, pom poms, yarn, goggly eyes, and hot glue (handled by Mrs. Adamos).

3rd Grade STEAM Lesson: Painting with Magnets

Materials: Magnets, metal objects (screws, paperclips, etc.), tempera paint, construction paper scraps, and white paper.

4th Grade and Mrs. Simmon’s class: Positive and Negative Space art

Element of Art: Space

Media and materials: Colored tissue paper, glue and water solution, paint brushes, black construction paper, and silver Sharpie.

5th Grade: STEAM Lesson (session2) Thaumatropes

6th Grade: STEAM Lesson: Build a Solar Oven

Materials: cardboard, foil, tape, plastic wrap, and cookies!

PTA Reflections Art Contest

Calling all film-makers, dancers, musicians, and artists!

The 2019-2020 Art Reflections Contest is here! Click here to view a video about Art Reflections.


See Mrs. Adamos or visit this link for contest forms and rules. To request supplies and learn about workshop hours during parent conference week (Sept. 16-20), see Mrs. Adamos in room 703.