It’s 2nd quarter! Weeks 1 and 2

Important Announcements:

1. Come by and check out the PTA Reflections Art Gallery in the Library on starting Wed. 10/23 until Fri. 10/25.

2. Congratulations to Areyna Macomb, who won 1st place in the CVESD Red Ribbon Art Contest and will be receiving an art basket prize. Wolf Canyon will also receive $500 to purchase supplies for our Visual Arts programScreen Shot 2019-10-19 at 10.19.59 PM

TK and Mrs. Gersten’s class: Mosaic pumpkin


Text: Spookley the Square Pumpkin

Element of art: shape

Media and Materials: 1 inch orange squares, and construction paper (black, white, and green).

Kindergarten: Fall Tree Painting with aluminum foil

Artist Study: Vincent Van Gogh

Science integration: Seasons (Fall)

Elements of art: Texture and color

Media and materials: White construction paper, oil pastels, tempera paint, and aluminum foil

First Grade: Close-up monster (session 2)

Artist Study: Georgia O’Keeffe

Elements of art: Space and texture

Media and materials: White construction paper, oil pastels, black permanent marker, “scratch tool” (Popsicle stick)

Second Grade: Antique Flower Drawing (Session 2)

Artist Study: Vincent Van Gogh

Elements of Art: color, texture

Media and materials: water and black paint solution, white construction paper, oil pastels,  and black crayons.

Mr. Thomas’ class: Glowing Leaves

Science integration: Seasons

Media and materials: Chalk Pastel, Leaf templates, blue painters tape, and black construction paper.

4th Grade and Mrs. Simmon’s class: Value pumpkins

Elements of art: Color (value), and Space

Media and Materials: tempera paint (red, orange, yellow, and white), oil pastels, and white construction paper

6th grade: Animal Grid drawings

Elements of art: color (value), line, texture, and shape

Media and materials: White construction paper, animal magazines, rulers, permanent marker, charcoal pencil, and colored pencils.

GATE: Multicultural paper mache figurine (session 1)

For week 2, the students began their research on a culture they selected for their paper mache figurine.  Students planned out and designed a sketch of their figurine on a planning sheet.

3rd Grade, 5th grade, and SDC classes had a pumpkin drawing lesson with a substitute.





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