Week 8 and 9

Mrs. Gersten’s class and TK: Turtle color wheel (continued)

Kindergarten: Textured Name Art Session 3

1st Grade: Up close monsters (Session 1)

Element of art: Space and Texture

Artist Study: Georgia O’Keeffe

Materials and Media: White construction paper, black permanent marker, Popsicle sticks, tooth picks, and oil pastels

2nd grade: Antique Flower drawings (Session 1)

Artist Study: Vincent Van Gogh

Element of art: texture, space

Materials and Media: oil pastels, black tempera paint and water, and paint brushes

3rd Grade: Organic shaped foil art (session 1)

Element of Art: Shape (organic vs. geometric shapes)

Materials and Media:  Yarn, cardstock, Elmer’s white glue, foil, tape, and colored sharpies)


4th Grade, 5th grade , and Mr. Thomas’ class- Keith Haring inspired art

Element of Art: Line (movement)

Artist Study: Keith Haring

Materials and Media: Markers and white paper

6th Grade: Value flowers

Element of art: Value

Materials and Media: Charcoal Pencils and white construction paper


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