Week 5 and 6

TK and Mrs. Gerstens’ class: Leaf People

Element of art: texture

Media and Materials: Leaves, black paper, colored pencils and white Elmer’s glue

Kindergarten: STEAM lesson

Text: The Napping House

Materials: plastic cups, character printouts, popsicle sticks, and clothespins

Using the materials provided, students had to make a bed for the family, and then balance the characters (the cups) into a large tower.



First Grade and  Third Grade: These grade levels used the Kidspark Engineering Kits to build tractors.  The lesson was on “How Things Move”.  They made modifications to their tractors too make it push and pull.

Second Grade: Symmetrical Tiger Prints

Principles of Design: Balance

Cultural Influence: Japan, Korea, and China

Media and Materials: Tempera Paint and grey construction paper

Fourth Grade: Weaving using a Flower Loom

Element of Art: Line (Movement), Texture

Social Studies Integration: The history of basket weaving for early California Indians.

Media and Materials: Paper plates, Playcolor sticks, flower template, plastic needle, and yarn.

Fifth Grade: Cactus Paintings (sessions 2) and Kidspark Engineering Kits

Kidspark lesson: “Make it Strong”  Students made a castle wall strong enough to withstand a battering ram. Students tested their walls multiple times and made changes along the way.

SDC Classes:  The students made Veteran’s day cards with a patriotic themed art piece

GATE: Multiultural dolls/figurines (session 2)

Week 4

This week grades K, TK, all SDC, 1st, 2nd, and 6th had art this week.

1st grade, 2nd grade, and SDC 4-6 used the Kidspark Engineering Kits this week.  The focus was “How things move?”  The students made tractors and made modifications to it to make the tractor push, pull, and haul materials.

Tk and Kindergarten- Texture monsters

The students created fun monsters and added texture with texture plates and crayons.

Element of art: Texture

Materials and Media: Crayons and texture plates

texture plates

6th Grade:  Session 2 Animal Grid Drawings

(We will need one more session to complete this project)

SDC Tk-1: Found Objects art with leaves

Elements of art: Texture and Space

Materials and Media: leaves, white glue, colored pencils, and black paper

SDC 2-4:  Session 2 Textured Foil art