December Art Updates

Holiday Greeting Card Contest Winner!

Congratulations to  Leanne Balangan who won the Holiday Greeting Contest for Wolf Canyon Elementary.  Leanne also won 2nd place at the District level.  Her artwork was presented at the District Board Meeting on December 18th.

Card contest

Tk and SDC TK-2

  1. Vincent Van Gogh Inspired Collage

Artist Study: Vincent Van Gogh

Element of Art: Color (mood)

Media and Materials:  Yellow fabric, Crayola Slick sticks, black construction paper, and glue

2. Landscape Drawing

Element of art: Space (foreground, middle ground, and background), line, and shape

Media and Materials: Crayons, glue, and construction paper

Kindergarten:  My City

Artist Study: Leonid Afromov

Afromov city

Elements of art: Line, color

Media and Materials:  Tempera Paint, Flat paint brush, construction paper

First Grade:

  1.  Flower drawing with Chalk and Black Glue

Artist Study: Vincent Van Gogh

Elements of art: Texture and Color (mood)

Media and Materials: Chalk Pastels, Construction paper, glue with black tempera paint


2. Abstract Self-Portrait

Artist Study: Pablo Picasson

Elements of art: line, shape, and color

Media and Materials: Crayons, Black Sharpie, and Playcolor sticks

2nd Grade: Owl Drawings on recycled material

Science connection:  Owl habitat, food, and adaptations

Elements of art:  Texture and shape

Media and Materials: brown paper, oil pastels, black Sharpie marker, and chalk pastels

3rd Grade and Mr. Thomas’ Class: Metal Mexican Mirrors

Cultural Study: Mexican Folk Art

Principles of Design:  Repetition and balance

Media and Materials:  Aluminum tiles, pencils, Crayola Construction Paper Crayons, construction paper, and cardboard work mats

4th Grade:  Paper Plate Weaving

Cultural Study:  Early California Indians

Principles of Design: Balance and repetition

Media and Materials:  Yarn, paper plates, and Playcolor sticks

5th Grade:  one point perspective shape art

Elements of art: shape and space

Media and Materials: cardstock. colored pencils, Black Sharpie marker, rulers, and black poster board

6th Grade, Mr. Thomas’ class, and Mrs. Simmon’s class- Mola Stockings

Cultural Study: Folk Art from Panama

Elements of art: Shape

Principles of Design: Balance and Repetition

Media and Materials:  Colored construction paper



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