January 2020 Art Updates

Kindergarten:  Textured Hearts Session 1

Element of Art: Texture

Materials and Media:  Foam sheets, heart templates, construction paper, and glue

TK and Mrs. Gersten’s class: Pizza Collage

Element of art: Shape

Music connection: I am Pizza Song

Materials and Media: red Tempera Sticks, colored construction paper, and glue

Mr. Thomas’ SDC class: Mexican Mirrors

Cultural Study: Mexican Folk Art

Math Connection:  Symmetry and shape

Element of Art: shape and line

Principles of Design:  Balance

Media and Materials: Aluminum tiles, construction paper, and Crayola Construction Paper Crayons

Mrs. Simmon’s SDC Class (Session 2): Textured snowflakes

Science Connection: snowflakes

Math Connection: Symmetry

Principles of Design:  Balance

Media and Materials: broken CD piece, scissors, construction paper, and white Elmer’s Gle


1st Grade: Painting with Straws (Session 1)

Cultural study:  Cat symbols in art from Japan, China, Egypt, Russia, and the United States

Art Process:  Blowing paint with a straw

Media and Materials; Oil pastels, black tempera paint with water, straws, and watercolor paper

blog 11

2nd Grade: STEAM lesson designing a playground, a shelter, and a new spieces of animal

3rd Grade: City Scape (Session 1)

Art Process: Printmaking

Media and Materials: Scratch Board, water colors and black ink

4th Grade: STEAM Lesson Landscape drawing inspired

Artist Study: Jenn Ariyani

Art Process: painting with Watercolor and Salt

Media and Materials: Watercolor, salt, watercolor paper, and thick &thin Sharpie

5th Grade: STEAM lesson-Light up cards

Science Connection: Make a circuit

Media and materials: copper tape, 3V Cell battery, light bulb, cardstock, permanent marker, and colored pencils.

6th Grade: African Animals on Carboard

Cultural Study: African Rock Art

Media and Materials: Cardboard, Oil pastels, white Elmer’s Glue, cardstock, adn chalk pastels

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